Rosewood Handle Corkscrew Cone & Stopper

Rosewood Handle Corkscrew Cone & Stopper


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Product Features:

This personalized piece of wine decor is a very innovative two-piece design, which allows you to save room in your kitchen, while also showing off your style and sophistication. Inside of the stainless steel cone of the wine stopper lays a hidden surprise, a handy dandy corkscrew, just waiting to help you pop the top of your favorite bottle of wine. When it's time to shut the lid, pop the cone back on and slide it into the top, making this the most convenient two-in-one wine stopper set possible.

Best of all, the beautiful rosewood top of these handy dandy two-piece marvels can be engraved with any word or name that you choose, allowing you to create a piece of wine decor that is truly unique and special to your collection,

These also make wonderful gifts. Just imagine pulling out a wine stopper that has been engraved with your friend's name. Then watch as they marvel at you popping the top and showing them the dual nature of the gift. This is the perfect wine gift for wine enthusiasts who will delight in the simple but clever idea.

These corkscrew wine stopper duos also make very effective corporate gifts. The top can be inscribed with the name of clients, associates, business partners, and even your boss. Have a company's name etched into the wood and then send it to them as a way for them to promote their own business, a gift that no clever business owner would ever throw away.

This can also be a romantic complement to a bottle of wine, handpicked and sent to your love or carried along on a romantic picnic date. Have both of your names engraved into the hardwood, like carving names into the trunk of a tree, only this time you get to take it home with you.

Have both a corkscrew and a stopper readily available for your wine bottle with this 2 -in-1 rosewood handle corkscrew cone & stopper.

Another great idea is to create an entire personalized home bar, combining this with things like engraved shot glass and the personalized stainless steel shot glass. Create an entire personalized home bar set, and keep it for yourself or send it off to a friend.

Stopper Corkscrew Combo
4"L x 3"W Handle

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