Wellness Wednesday- Spring Fasting to a healthier lifestyle

We are currently in the Spring Season which signals, blooming of flowers, organizing and cleaning of our house to fasting and cleansing of our negativity and exhibiting self control over our lifestyle.  Self control is hard these days because there are so many temptations out there that make us give in to the goals and rules we set with ourselves and others. A great way to start a healthy lifestyle is to start having self control.  Spring season is a good time to start doing a intermittent fasting, which doesn’t mean starving yourself but putting some restriction in your daily food diet and habits. Fasting can be viewed as simply a change in eating patterns, or a change in habits.  For our new engaged couples, newly weds and married couples, intermittent fasting can be a easy way to maintain the healthy habits you started during your wedding journey.

Think about eating smaller meals instead of three main meals in a day and restrict a time where you will not eat, such as past 7pm.  Incorporate whole fresh foods in your eating habits, and eliminate processed foods, high sugar foods and drinks and limit carbohydrate intakes, such as rice, pasta and bread. By being intentional about what you put into your body, your mind will also begin to change its pattern of thinking.  With increasing self control, there will be an increase in empowerment over your life, along with more energy, focus and clearer thinking . Change in lifestyle always starts from the inside out and not the other way around.  You will become transformed emotionally, spiritually and physically.  For more readings on fastings and different types of fastings, click here.

Need a little help in keeping up with your daily healthy food intake?  Try some of these.


Wellness Wednesday – Personalizing Your Happiness

Have you ever been in line at a grocery and the the line is extremely long and you are trying your best to wait patiently to reach the cashier?  To make things worst, you only have a few items to buy. Your patience is beginning to be tested. In front of you, you can’t help but notice a man who has about the same amount of grocery items as you but seems to be completely content and happy about waiting in line.  He even strikes up conversation with people around him and starts to make them smile and some even laugh. What is the secret that this man has that so many of us want a piece of? It is his happy and positive attitude that he expresses and how he handles his environment around him.  He’s not wealthy or young and you can say at first impression that he has been there, seen it, ,done that. Maybe that is why he is so happy. Actually just because you have been there, seen it, done that does not make you a happy and content person, it may make you more cynical at times instead.  The secret formula is how he is personalizating his own happiness and not letting his situation create the happiness for him.

Being able to personalize your own happiness requires you to let a piece of yourself go.  To not be consumed in your own emotions but be able to enjoy the moment as it is without putting your own needs and wants into it.  By practicing that, you begin to see the needs and wants of others more and will want to make the environment or situation you are in more comforting for others.  You will look for a resolution to the problem rather than focusing on the problem itself. Begin to personalize your own happiness by seeing value in others, your environment.  See what you can contribute to the situation instead of what you can get out of it. No one will be able to take away your happiness except you. Next time you are in line at the grocery store, be that person who is personalizing his/her own happiness.

Wellness Wednesday- Celebration of life

The last couple of months, all of our lives has been shaken up by events of tragedy that has occurred in our society.  We have all heard about the mass shootings in schools and the unthinkable things humans can do to create pain.    Humanity seems to be at lost during these time of darkness.  We may choose to shake it off like a grain of salt and move on with our lives and pretend it is just part of our society today.  To not think much of the value of human life and the domino effect it will have on our society, our community and eventually to our own families can dehumanize us and make us immune to these tragedies.  In order to counteract these tragedies, we must acknowledge them and know they exist for a purpose.  Sometimes feeling the pain and hurt is needed to open our hearts up to value what is important in life.  

We have seen life through the eyes of our customers.  Our company works with so many different people and the different stages in life they are walking through, from just getting married to having their first baby, to getting their first career, and to experiencing their first loss of a loved one.  No matter what stage or occasion it may be, there is always a celebration.  Even during the time of losing a loved one, there is a celebration.  It is the celebration of life.  If we focus on “celebrating life” then we can start to see the good in people and  value one another, see the value each of us can contribute to society and then change can begin.  If we focus our value on the material world, we will slowly begin to devalue our relationships with one another and will no longer celebrate life in each of us.  It is like throwing a birthday party without the birthday boy/girl.  You can still have fun but there is no meaning behind it and no reason to celebrate.  Walk through life with a celebration of life, with love, trust, and faith.


Wellness Wednesday- Decision Fatigue

There is so much noise and notifications surrounding us each day, practically each minute we get inundated with these distractions with all the apps we have in our smart phone. How then can we lessen the noise and not let “Decision Fatigue” take over our lives?  Most of us feel that we need all the apps in order to be notified and updated with everything that goes on in our life, society and the world.  With so much information overload, our brain is vigorously working to decide what is important and what is not important.  Therefore, ultimately it goes into a state of decision fatigue where we just don’t make any actionable decisions and let the responsibility fall onto someone else.  As a consequence, we feel like our life is meaningless, and we have no control over it.  Loneliness starts to creep up inside and the cycle continues over and over again each day.  Hence we become short tempered, highly emotional, and judgmental and not our best self.

The only way to overcome decision fatigue and loneliness is to find “Solitude”  As explained by Neel Burton M.D in Psychology Today- “On this account, loneliness is the manifestation of the conflict between our desire for meaning and the absence of meaning from the universe, an absence that is all the more glaring in modern societies which have sacrificed traditional and religious structures of meaning on the thin altar of truth. Our unconscious requires solitude to process and unravel problems, so much so that our body imposes it upon us each night in the form of sleep.”

We know we can find solitude in sleep at night but what about during the day?  By meditating in prayers during the day, solitude can be attained.  We can begin to eliminate distractions, oppressive thoughts and opinions from our mind.  Letting our mind be free of “ourselves” and our selfish needs, allows for more room for a closer connection to our humanity and spirituality.  There will be no place for loneliness and decision fatigue because we will have a clear sense of ourselves, our purpose and meaning in life.