Tips To Achieving A Healthy Summer Glow

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Making time to hit the reset button to cleanse your mind, soul, spirit and body is harder to do these days.  With the tight schedule we are on at work, home and in our personal life, setting that appointment for a quick, facial, mani/pedi or massage is in itself a bit daunting and may take more than just pocket change to feel replenished and recharged.  Thanks to technology and online shopping, you can recreate your home detox and rejuvenation oasis. No appointments needed, just a will to relax and unplug from the outside world for a few minutes or hours.

A few key points to remember is to make it simple, relaxing and enjoyable and no fuss.  Let’s start by finding a room in the house to create your sanctuary. Next envision how you will set up your mini oasis and the essential items you will need.  Lastly, the time you will give yourself to enjoy all this.

Atmosphere and Ambiance:

We can all agree that in order to have a spa experience all your senses must be heightened, your sense of sight, smell, sound, touch, and taste.  Here are just a few ideas to help with staging your mood



natural lighting, low ambient lighting
fresh flowers
neutral color palettes
soothing visuals


Aromatherapy candles, oils
Incense burning
Calming scents (lemon, lavender, rosemary, peppermint,


Running water
White noise
Natural sounds (oceans, trickle of raindrops, gentle chirping)


Soft fabric
Soft and cozy robe/wrap against the skin
Warm towel
Hot stones
Warm oils


Sip green tea
Nibble on chocolate

With the mood set, your mind can be emptied and let your soul return to the natural state of simplicity. Put on a soft kimono robe and add some relaxing aroma to your room, keep your lighting low with a backdrop of natural sounds or relaxing music playing in the background and let your mind and body relax and reset. 

For a quick weekend resetting experience, try giving yourself a facial instead of a full out spa treatment.   Include your favorite cleansers, creams, moisturizers and mask. Add in a little microdermabrasion to your facial treatment.  

Founded by the Academy of Dermatology, Microderm GLO is a great choice to buff away unhealthy layers of skin while invigorating your complexion.  With its breakthrough treatment of diamond exfoliation and smooth suction technology you can get a glowing and smooth skin in a matter of minutes. 

With a glowing complexion that is radiating, follow it up with a detoxing drink to boost your energy level and help flush toxins out of your system and help bring a healthy balance.  Mix lemon and water, or brew some green tea, or go green with a green detox drink.  

In just a minutes or hours of mindfulness and relaxation in the comfort of your own home, you are able to heighten all your senses to become more conscious and aware of your mind and body and bring it to a state of  emotional and spiritual balance that will help refocus your thoughts and energy. Let yourself to begin to experience more warmth and kindness which in turn will radiate to others.

“Knowing others is knowledge
But knowing yourself is true wisdom “

Built For Greatness

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Aladdin Wedding Inspiration

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A whole new world, is a fitting song to summarize what it is like to get married.  With the new Aladdin movie just out in theaters 2 months ago, many newly engaged couples are looking to add a piece of the Magic Carpet Ride scene to their wedding.  What is the allure of the Arabian Nights theme that has surpassed time and culture?

The Arabian Nights‘ world become synonymous with an alternative reality; a place “packed with wonders, elastic in handling time and space, and plotted according to the different laws of fate and magic.”

Marina Warner

British writer and mythographer Marina Warner believes that it is one of the tales in The Book of One Thousand and One Nights which evolves around magical elements making The Arabian Nights‘ world become synonymous with an alternative reality; a place “packed with wonders, elastic in handling time and space, and plotted according to the different laws of fate and magic.” With supernatural powers in the story, it has become a timeless tale.  Along with the vibrant clothes, jewelry and decor, The Arabian Nights Aladdin scene makes for a grand and extravagant background for a wedding, guests are truly taken to a “Whole New World”.

The wedding blog site “Wedding Green Shoes” showcased a “A Whole New World of Wonders Come to Life in Aladdin + Jasmine’s Imagined Wedding, with the dessert style scene.

Courtesy of Greenweddingshoes blog

Courtesy of Greenweddingshoes blog

Courtesy of Greenweddingshoes blog

Here are just a few wedding inspiration to help make your wedding a little more magical, decadent, alluring and a bit Disney inspired. 

Looking to recreate your unique and memorable Aladdin Inspired wedding, all it takes is a little bit of trust, magic, and love.  Here are just a few wedding inspiration to help make your wedding a little more magical, decadent, alluring and a bit Disney inspired. Our golden Aladdin genie lamp
has a polished brass finish that adds a bit of luxury and grandeur. Use it to add as a cake topper, fill with incense and place on each table to recreate that magical lamp experience or use it as a thank you gift tied with a personalized tag.  Beautiful mirrors inspired by Moroccan elegance, gives a new meaning to beauty. Give them as gifts to the females in your wedding party.

Golden Aladdin Genie Lamp
Mini Rustic Vintage Aladdin Genie Lamp

How to Connect Deeper

Connecting on a personal level has become so much easier these days as we may think since we have access to our friends, families and co-workers via Facebook, Instagram, email or text.  Surprisingly enough our connection level to people has not increased and we seem to drift apart more on a personal level. We become spectators to other people’s lives, cheering them on, supporting them but not necessarily really are part of their life.  Just like fans of a sports team, we watch every move they make, see their struggles, wins, and will either adore them or speak negatively about them. No matter what the outcome is of the game, we still continue to do the same thing, game after game.

Being connected in a relationship is not just about having access to someone’s personal life but playing a role in that person’s life you are watching.  To build a deep connection with friends and families you must start by doing the little things with great love. By little things, it means to do things that the person would least expect of you.  It is typical or even expected for a husband to buy chocolates and flowers on Valentine’s Day to give to his wife. Instead of doing the expected, fix up the garden for her in the summer if she loves gardening or have the house deep cleaned by a professional so she can relax for the summer when the kids are out of school or even simply making coffee for her every morning when she wakes up.   

By creatively finding small things to do for one another that may not be on a holiday, you are celebrating the person and not the holiday.  In our culture we so often get caught up in celebrating the holidays but not the actual person or event we are commemorating, rather the intended purpose is watered down and lost.  By doing small things for friends, families and strangers we build a habit of spreading kindness and love that will eventually turn into something great for that person you are doing it for.  

Learn to do small things with great love so that your actions will become extraordinary without you even trying.  Building connections this way with one another will surpass all social media platforms in forming relationships. This “Act of Service” love language is the start to a building a deeper connection to those around you.

Remembering the great words Mother Teresa once said.

“Intense Love does not measure.  It just Gives.”

“Acts of Service” at home

The Art of Serenity

With a historical structure such as the Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris, its beauty and splendor is hard to miss in either photos or in person.  Through its French Gothic architectural design, its rich history of nobles, saints and leaders that have stepped inside the cathedral to its important role as a spiritual home to the French people  and to all the millions of visitors who come annually to visit, this cathedral represents something that transcends time. This massive structure is the proud symbol of Paris. With the devastating fire on April 15th that caused damage to the spire and oak roof (Wikipedia), the cathedrals’ beauty and splendor was in dire danger.  In the past, the cathedral had survived fires and gone through many renovations, yet it managed to stand tall and remain beautiful. This recent fire will only be a blemish that may leave a scar in the future but it is a scar that will not hinder the cathedral’s magnificent beauty and spiritual appeal. Plans of rebuilding the cathedral has already been initiated without delay.  In the minds of the French, Notre-Dame de Paris will be rebuilt and made even more beautiful than before. Hope is the cornerstone for rebuilding.


Like the Cathedral of Notre Dame, we each are gifted with qualities that breathe beauty and splendor.  There are things in our journey in life that will bring on destruction and fires but how we manage to keep calm and serene is the key to coming out of difficult times with a new face lift and renewed body and mind.  Each of us have a past and history that has molded us to who we are but learning to let our beauty and splendor shine makes us a masterpiece in spite of what of how good or bad or history may be. Learning the Art of Serenity can connect us to our core being and propel us to move forward to take action to rebuild and not sit and sulk at our circumstance.  When we are calm and at peace with ourselves and the situation, it is then we can begin to make peace with others. The Art of Serenity gives birth to words of life by fueling our mind with thoughts that will build us up.

Practice the Art of Serenity by meditating in prayers everyday and train your mind to shut distractions.  Keep your breathing controlled and steady and stay connected to your core by staying focused not on the unknown future or the past but on the present.  Learn to accept unknowns and mysteries of life without always having a definite answer to them. The Art of Serenity is a lost Art in our modern culture because the demand for speed and immediate gratification has taken over.  We need to reclaim this lost Art of serenity so our culture can once again see beauty, splendor and compassion in everything, just like what the historical and spiritual monument of Notre-Dame Cathedral de Paris means to the generations past, present and future.

You cannot perceive beauty, but with a serene mind.

Henry David Thoreau

Wanting to practice the Art of Serenity in your life, start with a quiet space to refocus your mind and spirit.  Create this space by adorning stones that speak words of life, such as “peace”, “be still”, “joy”, “believe”, “hope”, and “faith”. They will be a reminder to you daily to slow down and reflect on life’s mystery and beauty.