Can your community build your Self-Worth?

Over the last decade, many changes have taken place that has affected how we develop close relationships with one another and how we keep those bonds strong.  With the emergence of the internet and social media, we learn to make connections faster and become more responsive. In today’s world, we are constantly connected in some ways or another by our online virtual communities or our physical small group communities.  Our circle of influence may seem quite large and expansive but as we take a deeper look inward within ourselves and look at our position in these communities, we soon discover that we may not have a strong psychological connection to them as we may think.


Motherhood is a time in a women’s life that a real sense of community is needed most.  Going through this life changing stage transforms a women’s role at home and in public.  It is one of the life stages that will have many challenges and uncertainties that will test our endurance, our decision making skills and our self worth.  We must choose to find family members, friends and mentors that will have a positive influence in our motherhood journey. There are a lot of advice coming from all different directions telling us how to raise our kids and how to be a better mom but we found that there are 3 powerful principles that can direct us in finding the right community or  #TrueFam that will lead us to find our #TrueSelf.


In our search for a sense of deeper connection and understanding, we must first look for people who believe that life has a bigger purpose than just you and me. Life is shaped by something greater than us.  Motherhood certainly shows us that the birth of a baby is a miracle in itself and that we alone are not responsible for this miracle. If we believe that there is creator that made us and the world we live in, then we will never be alone and will always have someone by our side during challenging times.  He will lift us when things get tough and give us strength to endure the impossible. With hope in our hearts, we will feel a sense of purpose in life.

Secondly, we must do things that will make us happy.  Being a mom is hard work but at the same time very fulfilling.  We must learn to listen to our inner voice to what feels right even when friends and families tell us otherwise.  Many times we force ourselves to do things and make decisions that does not make us happy at the end because we did it for monetary reasons or did to make others happy.  If we continually choose to find people, experiences or things that are toxic to our life, it will eventually affect our overall happiness. Choose to find things that creates value in our life and find people who are role models by paving a path for us in the right direction.

Lastly, believe that “everything you need is within you”.   We are all born with great potentials but we seldom use 100% of that potential.  Mothers have the great potential to be leaders of their communities and educators to their children about life.  It us up to us to choose what path we want to take. If we learn to seek inwardly instead of outwardly for happiness and fulfillment, we can unlock the rest of our potential and become a better version of ourselves with the passing of each day.  Knowing that we have this power can help us understand what is possible and in turn help others that are going through the same thing.

As a Mom of 5 and co-founder of since 1999,  I have faced many challenges.   Every day I have to consciously jungle my work life and my family life.  Learning to find fulfillment when things don’t go the way it should and still be able to stand up tall and face another day with a smile is a choice I learn we make. These principles guide us in the right direction in finding our #TrueFam.   It is when we understand our inner self, we enable ourselves to reach out and enrich our life to connect at a deeper level. We no longer look for a membership number but become the “community” and live out the community experience with authenticity. One of the communities that has developed a #TrueFam is True and Co. Their sense of community and creative ways makes a women feel beautiful.  

Life is a cycle that requires us to keep evolving and changing within our communities.  Once we say we have arrived and made it, it is a sign that we have stopped learning and experiencing life at its fullest.  Always Live Better, Love better and Pass it on and Celebrate Life with Love, Trust, Faith.



How to Boost Your Brain and Stay Focused

How is your stress level this morning?  You might be the lucky one if you already had your morning cup of coffee before you read this article and your stress level is probably tamed and under control.  For the rest of you, hold tight, there is hope coming at the end of this article.

Productivity is in high demand these days, no matter what job, or career you have.  With the environment filled with chatter, noise, and unwanted updates on anything and everything (updates on family and friends, updates on how many people liked your posts, updates on your friends pet, on Donald Trump) and so on…..  


How can you not have brain fog, stress, and attention deficit and keep yourself focused to be productive at work and give whatever energy left you have to your family after work?  It is a balance game but in recent discoveries, a new “coffee” and “Red Bull” type of remedy has emerged that apparently is making a dent in solving this problem. With the rise of technology and information changing at lightning speed, we need to keep our minds in optimal health which leads to optimal overall wellness.  

In the tech industry, there is a known secret on how these tech influencers are able to keep focused and get so much done and crank out new ideas.  The little secret is called “Nootropics”.   Silicon Valley has known about it and it is now making its way mainstream into coffees and snack bars.(courtesy:  This is a cognitive enhancing supplement that helps improve cognition, memory recall, helps you attain your goals and keeps you focused.

With a little help from science, our stress level can be reduced and our mental focus can be increased.  We also have to remember that science can only help our mental wellness so far. It is ultimately up to us to sustain that mental wellness day in and day out.  While achieving high productivity, our body will use up a lot of energy and concentration. In order to bring it back to balance, we will need to bring our mind and body back to a state of calm and relaxation.  Like any high intensity exercise we need to have a cool down period where you must learn to rest and be still. Work for 6 days and rest on the 7th Sabbath day. Creating this balance of productivity and rest will sustain your overall wellness  and overtime you mind and body will thank you for it. 

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Do you have to be a “Sage” to live a happy life?

Living a full and happy life requires an important rule that needs to be followed.  It is learning to gain wisdom and letting it guide you in your decisions in life. Wisdom is not a dead word reserved for only “Sages” and highly intelligent people but it is attainable for ordinary people.  You may think finding wisdom is fairly easy with the answers at the tip of your fingers. Just ask Google or Alexa and you’ve got your answer. Surprisingly we often mistaken knowledge for wisdom. These technological devices and advances can only provide us with knowledge, which are just facts and familiarity of a thing or topic.  These days we give knowledge too much credit for a person’s success and happiness but in actuality, knowledge is only potential and “wisdom” is the vehicle that will put the “knowledge” into action and to work for you.

How do you gain wisdom in an age where knowledge is everywhere and easy to get a hold of?  Do you simply just sit and meditate for wisdom to happen? The answer to that Q & A is YES!  Meditation opens your mind to start decluttering and getting rid of all the unnecessary knowledge you collect throughout the day and creates a clean slate in your mind so relevant and important knowledge and understanding remains.  Once you are able to distinguish the important knowledge, that is when you can start putting those knowledge into actions. When those knowledge are set in motion, an automatic connection between your brain and heart will start to develop. Soon this connection will be the driving force that will guide you in your path through life, preventing you from stumbling and going in the wrong direction.  It will also help guard your heart from emotional instability. In our world today, guarding our heart is the most important thing we must learn to do. Running on emotional instability creates chaos in our lives.

Learning to meditate each day, asking for wisdom, seeking for wisdom, and allowing wisdom to enter in your life will guide you to a happier and purposeful life.

Living a life of joy and happiness is overrated

Have you ever felt like you have been walking in the dark in broad daylight?  Has it happened just once or is it a constant occurrence? It is not fun, because you are constantly feeling like you are bumping into things and you think people and situations just keep getting in your path and they need to get out of your way.  So we go through the day blaming others and situations for being in our way. In reality, if you are walking in complete darkness, of course you will bump into things, it is natural, but if you had a flashlight or anytype of light source you would see what is in front of you and maneuver your way around it.  If you saw what was in front of you, it is 100% certain that you will not go head on into it, unless it was planned.

So since this is such an easy solution, then why do some of us keep choosing to walk in the dark and crossing our fingers that we don’t bump into anything?  

When we walk in the dark, we can only rely on ourselves to guide us and nothing else.  We then begin to find joy and delight knowing that we conquer the darkness by our own might.  Slowing we build an identity for ourselves, saying that we are our own guiding light. When we start to identify ourselves as the guiding light, we feel empowered and start telling others that you don’t need this or that, just trust yourself and you will get where you need to be.

This illusion is so dangerous because, we start to live a life of joy and happiness that is based on our own abilities and when the time comes when we can no longer guide ourselves, we become devastated and lose our identity and self worth and stress starts to build up inside.  What then happens to joy and happiness?

The cure to walking out of the darkness is to find your source of light.  Only the presence of light can really help you maneuver yourself through life.  Don’t let society make you think that it is the source of light in your life. Light in its natural form will warm you up inside and not leave you feeling cold and empty.  Once you find your natural source of light, you become a firefly that lights up the darkness.

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