Valuing What Is Free

The time honored essence of gift giving can never be lost even in today’s technologically based society where we can instantly be gratified by simply buying ourselves something online.  We don’t have the need to wait anymore for any special occasion or reason to buy, instead we buy just because we feel like we deserve it. How can we still honor the notion of gift giving when we can choose to buy and give ourselves gifts whenever we feel the need to celebrate any milestone no matter how small?   We can say in this day and age, we spoil ourselves to the point that gifts from others just don’t matter as much as gifts we buy for ourselves. True, material gifts have lost it’s value these days because it is no longer a scarcity to receive them, instead we now must look beyond the material gift giving to really appreciate the real sentiment of the concept of Gifts.  

The value of the gift is not so much in the actual gift itself but more on the giver who gives the gift.  If the giver is pure in his/her intentions and is characterized by goodness, the value of the gift increases.  When the value of the gift is so great that it surpasses any dollar amount, it then becomes priceless and timeless.  It is when the gift reaches this level of value, it will never lose it’s essence but will be passed on and be remembered.  The most valuable gifts given to us without us putting in a cent are the gifts of wisdom, understanding, counsel, fortitude, knowledge, humility, and fear of the creator.   If we come to appreciate these gifts we can use them to its full extent, making life meaningful and beautiful because their usage and understanding are universal, not predicated on any trend, gender, race, or class.  These gifts will be passed on for generations to come and will never be devalued. It is only when we lose sight of whom we received these gifts from do we begin to devalue them.

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When we begin a marriage and start a family, we must remember to include these valuable gifts in every stage of married life and family life in order to help us thrive and be able to sustain through the ups and downs of this world.

Enjoy a Free gift that will help you thrive and allow you to weather through the tough times, when hope may seem lost.  It surpasses judgement and will become an invaluable gift that provides calmness and gentleness in a chaotic world.

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What is your bounce back rating?

It has long been studied that our mind and brain are two separate components, dating back to Philosophers such as Rene Descartes. Our mind is centered around laws of reasoning versus the brain which centers around laws of physics. With this notion of a dualist view of our mental construct,  many of us have been lead to believe that as we age, we become more rigid and set in our ways of thinking and doing things. We become inflexible and and have difficulty changing and adjusting.

In recent findings in Neuroscience, we have realized that as adults we can have the capacity to learn and grow due to brain plasticity. New pathways and connections can be created and formed when certain tasks are performed and when certain environmental stimulus are presented to us.   This revolutionary discovery gives us more control to change the way we react and respond to our world. No longer we can say we are wired that way as an excuse not to change ourselves because change is possible.

Knowing that we can change brings hope when we are going through something difficult.  This hope can make us be more resilient to hard times and situations. It is ultimately up to us to choose to be resilient when faced with challenges.  To improve our resilient muscle, we can improve our neurogenesis growth rate (the growth and development of nervous tissue).  Factors affecting neurogenesis rate, either increasing or decreasing it are our diet, ,toxins in our body, stress level, amount of exercise we do, water, and last of all if we are enjoying what we do (Kim Kwik, Kwik Brain).  By increasing our neurogenesis rate, our ability to recover and bounce back is shorter and quicker.

Too many of us in society are under stress and are quick to judge and react.  We feel that change is needed but we don’t know how. It all begins with ourselves, the ability to be resilient in our own lives can then cause change in our environment.  Practicing resilience in all areas of our lives brings forth hope and a type of renewal. Instead of just using doubt as a fuel to move us forward, we need to use hope to move us forward in our lives.

Need help with boosting your resilience?  

Bath salts with aromatics can evoke a sense of calmness and well being that will help relax your body and mind.

Our Sleep Lavender Bath Salt  is great for the skin by helping to act as an antiseptic agent for certain skin conditions such as acne and also can reduce inflammation. It also helps relieve muscle aches and pains and the lavender scent helps reduce headaches and gives you a better night’s sleep.

Composed of a blend of Pacific Sea Salt, lavender essential oil, vitamin E, and Aloe Vera.



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Our Citrus Mimos Bath Salt is great to give a little boost and rejuvenate you during the work week.  Made from a fine/medium grain blend of Pacific Sea Salt, it has a light citrus scent that helps to invigorate and boost your mood.  Contains vitamin E and Aloe Vera to help soften the skin.


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Becoming Pioneers in our relationship

The century old word “pioneer” is often associated with people who were faced with physical and mental hardship, leaving behind things they loved and cherish to explore and stake claim to uncharted lands.  The word “pioneer” today, still holds true to it’s century old connotation of making claim to something new and unknown, but we seldom want to experience what a pioneer has to endure but rather want to receive the reward only.

The concept of being a “pioneer” in a relationship can bring a new perspective to couples today.  With the technology at the forefront of our everyday transaction, building our relationships with one another has become more of a data driven experience than a human experience.  All our transactions are becoming predictable and quantifiable, making no room for spontaneity and not welcoming the unexpected. It is more difficult nowadays to stay real and connected to one another.  We are less tolerant of one another and less dependent on one another for happiness, love or just the basic needs and emotions. By adopting the “pioneer” perspective in a relationship, each person can have a spirit of Hope to begin to journey into marriage life knowing that the journey will not always be calculated and quantifiable but a need to trust and rely on one another. With hope guiding the relationship, hardships can be endured and overcome when faced with the unknown and the unpredictable.  Becoming a pioneer in a relationship builds character, it builds a home and a family that is unshakable. In this day and age we need our families to be unshakable.

Give your relationship a jolt of unshakable “Hope”.  

Let Hope guide you in your relationship. 

Wear it to show your love for one another.  


Using White Noise As Your Muse

As we sit relaxing inside one of our usual  coffee shop in the late afternoon, trying to get out of the summer heat to enjoy the cool air conditioned air, we routinely have our lattes and laptop ready to do some work.  What was unnoticeable at first is very apparent when you really start to look around the the coffee shop. To the right you can see a few single individuals who all have earphones plugged in their ears and are tuned out of their surrounding, yet to the left are a group of people who are enthralled in a conversation of screenwriting and story telling of the scene they are putting together in a movie/episode( California Coffee Shops).   Yes, this image you have seen on TV does really exist here in LA.

The coffee shop is an anomaly by itself not just in California but in any location.  It is able to bring forth creative work in people and yet allow people to meet and catch up with old friends for community and also as a place of refuge for some to unwind and get away from reality.

With our laptop and smartphone near us, we filter the outside world away and seem to be inside our own bubble.  Ironically, the coffee shop is full of noise, with the pounding sound of the barista trying to get the coffee grinds out to the shushing of the espresso machine heating up the milk, all this background noise inside the coffee shop has become the “white noise” that we allow to soothe us and somehow fuel or creativity and yet calms our inner soul. It is quite a paradoxical experience.  This may be why we are so drawn to coffee shops, beside the addictive nature of the coffee itself, the atmosphere has become a kind of space where we can express ourselves.

In life, all we really want to do is to be ourselves and express ourselves with purity  Just like the coffee shop experience, we find ourselves trying to be creative and find a space of our own to calm our inner soul but we too often don’t learn to block out the noise that is all around us.  Instead we let the noise, whether it manifest itself as social approval or gossips in our life , we let it distract us from producing and creating our best work and it keeps us from finding peace and calmness within ourselves.  It is knowing how to find a way to block out the loud noise around us that we are able to use this noise as our “white noise” to our advantage. Learning how to transform a distraction into a type of “focus” is a great skill we will need to do in this age of technology we live in.  Don’t let the distractions be a crutch we must carry every day but let the noise around us be the “white noise” or “muse” to propel us forward everyday.


 Create your in home “Barista”

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