Top 3 Fitness Youtube Channels- That make you Work IT for “FREE”

Top 3 Fitness Youtube Channels- That make you Work IT for “FREE”

We want to keep you motivated through out Summer and the rest of the year with some more great tips to get your body in great health and shape.  In our last post we gave you some great ideas how to keep yourself energized throughout the day.  Today we will let you in on the Top 3 YouTube Fitness Channels that will get your fitness routine to a great start.  What is great is no dvds or monthly payments needed.  That is right.  It is All Free for you to watch.  Let’s get started.


#1 YouTube Fitness Channel

Be Fit

Watch to get your fitness started

This Channel packs an all start punch with all your oldies and new comers of Fitness Experts.  You will find Jillian Michaels, Denise Austin, Jane Fonda, Billy Blanks Jr., Scott Herman, Samantha Clayton, Garrett Amerine, Rainbeau Mars, Bryan Tanaka, Sadie Nardini, Dr. Deepak Chopra, Envy Girls, Kym Johnson, Tara Stiles, and many more showing you how to slim down, get your heart rate going and keep your workout routine fun and the same each day.  They even offer a 90 day workout system if you want something more structured and a mobile series for those on the Go and want to work out wherever their busy schedule takes them.  A two thumbs up for this Channel.


#2 YouTube Fitness Channel 


Watch to get your fitness started

Cassey Ho is a brand within herself.  She is an award-winning fitness instructor, entrepreneur and personality based in Los Angeles.  Cassey is self motivated and someone very entertaining and fun to watch. Her creation of Pop Pilates has lead to a new movement where she combines  pop music with classic Pilate moves.  Her Channel shows you simple yet effective workout routines and also shares tips and advice how to stay motivated and keep going on your fitness routine and lifestyle.  Blogilates’ videos are very vibrant and fun to watch and will always put you in the workout spirit.


#3 YouTube Fitness Channel

XHit Daily

Watch to get your fitness started


The Channel tells you how to get the “Celebrity” butt like Beyonce, the legs like Jennifer Lawrence, or Abs like a Victoria Secret Model.  You are given workout tips from trainers who have trained celebrities to achieve that great body part they are known for.  We all know that Celebrities work pretty hard to get their body in tip top shape for their upcoming movie role and media events.  Here you get a little peak into the workout that is involved to get that Celebrity body.  This Channel is for you if you secretly long to look as good as your favorite Celeb.

Get Abs Like A Victoria Secret Model


You are ready now to Get Fit, Get Healthy and start your Wedding Planning to the right start.  Get toned arms for those strapless dress, get killer abs to show off the classic silhouette dress, and lose weight to get an overall healthy glow.  We call this the “Wedding Glow”.  Now Don’t Forget to  Hydrate your body during these workout sessions.  Visit our online store for fitness bottles and accessories below.  CLICK LINK BELOW