His & Hers Dual Wine Glass Cups & Bottle Travel Carry Case

His & Hers Dual Wine Glass Cups & Bottle Travel Carry Case


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Product Features:

  • His & Hers Dual Wine Cup & Bottle Travel Carry Case
  • Size 13.5H x 7.3"W, 4.3D"
  • Wine Cups and Accessory Included. Wine Bottle Not Included.

Carry all of you wine accessories and your favorite bottle of wine in one convenient travel carry case. The dual wine cup and bottle carrying case is the perfect travel compartment for on the go entertainment. Wonderful at picnics and barbecues or even out at the beach, this case features everything you need to enjoy a wonderful bottle of wine while sitting in the comfort of mother natures' embrace.

The compartment includes space for a wine bottle, two glasses, a cork screw, and a foil cutter. All of this is safely contained in a heavily padded compartment that ensures glass will never meet glass and even a little bounce won't cause a crack. Best of all, it includes the two matched wine glasses, which are crafted to fit perfectly in the side of this attractive case.

Another great feature of this innovative set is that it can be fully personalized with your choice of word, name, or even short message written across the front of the bag. This allows you to create a truly unique piece which is perfectly suited and matched to your personality and who you are.

Purchasing the personalized heart wine stopper in conjunction with this bag can instantly make this a romantic date night carrying case. On the other hand purchasing an engraved rosewood flat-top bottle stopper can ensure the elegance and sophistication of the set that you create. Don't miss a step with these wine accessories by going through the wine+ coffee + tea favors category.

This is of course an instant and easy package for creating the perfect beach or picnic date. Nothing is more romantic than a bottle of wine, two matched wine glasses, and the beauty of the natural world, with sun kissed faces meeting in romantic and dreamy glances across a picnic blanket or sheet.

Have you ever tried to take wine glasses and a bottle of wine with you for a day outdoors? You have to set them carefully in the bag, wrapping clothing or blankets around them so they don't clink and crack. Backpacks are impossible and so are most carrying cases, making the entire process an unwanted hassle. This innovative carrying case ensures that you won't have to worry about that anymore, as this case can be tossed in a bag or backpack, without having to worry about any mess or glass damage.

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