Clear Ice Cooler Wine Bag Carrier*

Clear Ice Cooler Wine Bag Carrier*


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  • Size: 12"H  x 4.5"D

Keep your wines and champagnes cooled to perfection for your outing with our Clear Ice Cooler Wine Bag! Perfect for taking a wonderfully chilled bottle to parties, this bag features hexagonal spaces filled with a freezable liquid that will cool your bottle as you drive to your destination! Or treat that special someone to a romantic outing, using this great bag to keep your champagne cold, and easy to transport from one place to another! Made from durable materials, this bag can be reused again and again, and cleans like a breeze!

Store this bag in the freezer to get it nice and cold before your next get together with friends! Surprise them all with a perfectly chilled bottle of their favorite wine, right when you arrive. Perfect as an addition to your own home, or as a gift for that extra special wine lover in your life! bring home this fabulous bag and share in the joy of a perfect bottle today!

Like this clear pack, but want something that can hold much more? Our Clear Six Pack Bottle Ice Cooler has the same fantastic design, but can hold up to six sodas, beers, or other drink of your choice! Or maybe you'd like a bag with a more natural look to it for your wine. With our Personalized Jute Wine Bag with Rope Handle you can stay nature friendly, and easily transport your bottles all in one! Or maybe a more classic wine look is right for you. With our Natural Cork Leather Wine Bag you can have that classic look, and take your bottles to their destination with ease!

Bottle not included.

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