Wedding Unity Heart Shaped Sand Ceremony Vase Set

Wedding Unity Heart Shaped Sand Ceremony Vase Set


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Product Features:

This 6 piece set includes a heart shaped bottle with glass stopper, 2 large heart vases, 1 small heart vase and 1 metal display stand.
  • Heart Shaped Bottle with Glass Stopper 7" H
  • Large Heart Vases 9 3/4" H
  • Small Heart Vase 8 1/2" H
  • Metal Stand 4 1/2" H
  • Ceremony Sand Optional: Purple, Apple Green, and Light Brown.

The sand ceremony is a beautiful tradition that symbolizes the union of different people, different families, and different loves. It is a powerful moment that is often part of the larger wedding ceremony. It is wonderful because it is an event which is meaningful at the moment, but also creates a physical representation of that meaning, which you can take home and cherish forever.

This set is unique in that most sand ceremonies only have two vases, one for each part of the couple. The third vase allows them to add another person however, whether it's a beloved child, a priest or anyone who is important in both of their lives. It can also be used to symbolize the shared beliefs or the union they are entering into.

Sand Ceremony Steps: 1. Begin the ceremony by having the designated individual(s) pour the entire contents of the "Symbol" vase into the central heart bottle. This can happen at the beginning of the wedding, during the candle lighting or prior to the sand ceremony. 2. The Bride will follow by pouring a portion of her colored sand (the bride is represented by purple) into the central bottle - creating a layered effect. 3. The Groom will begin by pouring a portion of his colored sand (we used apple green for the Groom) into the central bottle. 4. To complete the ceremony, The Groom and Bride simultaneously pour the balance of their sand into the central heart container. (The central bottle can be engraved with the Bride and Groom's name or monogram. The co-mingling of the colored sand represents the joining of the bride and groom. 5. Following the wedding, the three outside vases can be used to display fresh flowers while the central bottle will remain a cherished keepsake of your wedding day.

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