Ceramic Appetizer Butterfly Dish*

Ceramic Appetizer Butterfly Dish*


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Product Features:

  • Ceramic Appetizer Butterfly Dish
  • Size: 4.5" x3.5"L

An appetizer dish is a chance to get creative. These tiny plates only come into play on special occasions, at parties, and various celebrations. That's why you have a chance to get a little funky, a little creative, and to step outside of the box with your serving accessories. These ceramic appetizer butterfly dishes can give you all of those options, while also maintaining a kind of strict dignity that makes them at the same time whimsical and stylish.

These dishes can be used either to serve tiny appetizers to your guests or after dinner can be a delightful way to pass around some chocolate candied goodies to everyone in attendance. The wings splay out, giving you just enough surface room to hold a tiny treat that everyone can enjoy.

The tiny dishes are pure white and made from smooth, perfect ceramic. They feature a two wing design, symmetrically crafted, with each wing splaying out with tiny indentations to act as the serving plate for the tiny treat. Above this is a convenient handle which allows you to transport the little dish easily to your guest's tables. Each dish is 4-1/2" wide by 3-1/2" long.

These dishes are great favors for weddings because they can be used to delight your guests with an appetizer or a sweet treat and then let them take the enchanting dishes home. You can also purchase these for personal use, making snack time extra special with its very own plate, a dainty portion of a yummy flavor, nestled in a high quality piece of decorative home decor.

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