The Perfect Match Chocolate White Bon Bon Tray*

The Perfect Match Chocolate White Bon Bon Tray*


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Product Features:

The delightful explosion of flavor that you get when you pop a chocolate bonbon in your mouth can only be enhanced by one thing, and that's sharing it with a friend. The double chocolate bonbon tray makes it real simple. An exquisite piece, crafted from the finest porcelain, the two tiny chocolate dishes automatically create a situation where inviting a companion to share the experience is automatic.

This is the perfect romantic date accessory. After cooking your beloved a savory meal, set the little porcelain dish out, and entice them to enjoy an arm wrapped taste of chocolate perfection.

This is also a delightful wedding favor. By setting these little dishes on the tables before your guests, you will entice them to interact with one another, making instant friendships blossom as they enjoy the shared sensation of a truffle treat.

Of course, this dish doesn't necessarily have to be a container for a chocolate dainty. You can also use it as a butter dish, with two small pats, one set in each saucer. Or you can fill the little saucers with tiny pieces of hard candy, or any other delightful treat that you can imagine. It can even be used to hold separate salt and pepper shakers. Whatever you choose, this is a fancy and exquisite way to hold and display your dining condiments and accessories.

This delicate table decoration is crafted from the finest pure white porcelain, and has been designed with two, dainty saucers, which will hold the tiny pieces of chocolate perfection cupped within their scalloped edge embrace. A looped handle allows you to easily transport the dish, giving you a mobile piece of attractive home decor.

Whether you're looking for an exquisite chocolate wedding favor, a great romantic date accessory, or just a fun way to share a chocolate treat with your friends, the Double Chocolate Bonbon Tray is the perfect piece to elevate the style of any occasion.

There are personalized tags available for customizing the piece to fit your needs.

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