Victorian White Porcelain Teapot Place Card Holder

Victorian White Porcelain Teapot Place Card Holder


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A tea party is a special event, a delicate gathering of friends and family coming together to enjoy the warm brew of a tasty cup of tea. As you relate memories, share stories, and connect with one another, the decorative elements that you set throughout the space have the ability to make or break such an occasion. You need to strive for a sense of elegance, of style, of gentle sophistication which embraces your guests while also making the nature of the occasion apparently clear. However, you also want to have a sense of whimsy of joy, of playful delight, that will enchant your guests into the relaxed nature of the situation.

These elegant yet delightful teapot place card holders are a wonderful way to set the tone for your next gathering. Crafted from the finest porcelain, they stand just 3" in height. However, despite their tiny size, they will capture glee and attention as a personalized place card setting pops from the top, waving like a little hand, beckoning your guests to take their seats.

This can be combined with Mini White Porcelain Teapots and the Personalized Travel Tea Tin, placed next to each place cardholder. The tiny personal teapots, next to the tiny personalized teapot place card holders, will create a sense of unique personalization, giving every one of your guests a sense of belonging to the party.

Another great place to use these place card holders is at a wedding. Set them up at each place along with the various tables and watch as your guests are drawn to their settings, smiling, grinning, and delighting at the tiny little teapot, short and stout. They will beckon them home with their tiny little spouts. They are also inexpensive enough that you can then let your guests take them home as bridal tea party favors that they can cherish forever.

3" tall, crafted from the finest snow-white porcelain, and glistening with smooth perfection, these teapot cardholders can be combined with place cards that are almost any color, allowing you to both personalize, and set the mood in any way that you like. Featuring a sloping, bell-bottom core, with a gently curving spout and a dainty little handle, this is an amazing way to put a sense of wonder and whimsy into your next special occasion.

Porcelain Teapot Place Card Holder

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