Save the Date Plantable Seeded Love Birds Cards (Set of 12)*

Save the Date Plantable Seeded Love Birds Cards (Set of 12)*


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Product Features:

  • Save the Date Plantable Seeds Bird Cards
  • Size: 3.875"x5" H

Earth friendly! Seeds are a metaphor for hope, growth and change. With the plantable seeds love bird cards you have a chance to help the planet by giving a card that can actually help re-grow trees, and save the environment.

The brilliant design of this card has two embedded bird seed figures that can be removed. These are crafted with real, living seeds that just need to be planted and given a little care. These are wildflower seeds so they are designed to grow in the wild, and will be fairly easy to maintain in your yard or garden.

This helps replenish the vegetation and life that was used in the making of the card, offsetting the bad with good in order to create an environmentally friendly invitation. All instructions for planting the seeds come in the packaging making this an extremely easy way to help out mother earth.

These cards can be used for almost any occasion, although the love bird's symbolism does make them more likely in a wedding or anniversary situation where love itself is being celebrated. Since they are environmentally friendly you can also use them to commemorate an earth day party or environmental action meeting.

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