Love Bird Damask Wedding Cupcake Tower Display Kit*

Love Bird Damask Wedding Cupcake Tower Display Kit*


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Product Features:

  • Tower Cake Size: 24"W (1st Tier) 17"W (2nd Tier) 10"(3rd Tier)
  • Holds Approximately 45-75 Cupcakes

The love bird damask wedding cupcake tower is a unique product that changes the way you can display cupcakes. It provides you with three tiers around which you can arrange your pastry treats in various designs and patterns. A wonderful accessory for parties and especially popular at weddings, this is an innovative way to turn even the smallest dessert into an eye catching display.

This creative display accessory features three tiers, each one removable and movable allowing you to choose the way you display your treats. The walls of each layer are soft and pure snow white, broken by variations of black contrasting love bird damasks, creating a lovely display around the curved wall of each layer, the perfect complement to chocolate and vanilla colors.

With each layer removable, you get to choose if you want your cupcakes spread out over the broad bottom layers, tiered up to the second level or done all out with each layer topping the next. You also have the choice of shifting and moving layers within one another to create different oblong effects with the piece.

While this piece is created for cupcakes, there's no reason why you can't use other pastry delights such as small cups of candy or cookies layered one atop the other. Feel free to get creative, finding all sorts of different clever uses for this fun and decorative product.

Each of the three tiers is layered within the other. The bottom, broadest layer is 61 cm in diameter, the one above that is 43.2 cm in diameter, and the one above that on top is 25 cm in diameter. Depending on how you arrange each tier, your cupcake tower is designed to hold from 45 to 75 large sized cupcakes.

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