Custom Jade Glass Office Desk Name Plate

Custom Jade Glass Office Desk Name Plate


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Logo Engraving
If you wish to engrave your company logo, type "Logo" in the text box and email your company logo to [email protected]. Fees may apply for company logo setup.

Chris & Amy (Line 1)
11-21-2040 (Line 2)


I Love You!

Special instructions for monogram:
Letter ordering for monogram.

Monogram Standard Font:
Please type in the initials: (First Middle Last) John M. Smith = JMS

For Monogram Fancy Font:
Please type in the initials: (First Last Middle) John M. Smith =  JSM (The "Last" initial will be enlarged)


Product Features:

  • Custom Glass Office Desk Name Plate
  • Size Approximately 3.5"H x 12"L x 3"W
  • Jade Glass
A nameplate with a commanding presence. Image is very important in business, as that is the way that you will let customers know that they can trust you. That is why your office must be adorned with only quality products and decorative items. You want to project a precise and orderly image, an image of professionalism in order to convey the fact that you can deliver quality to your customers. 

If you are the boss of an office, you may want to consider purchasing it for key employees, as incentives for performance or merely as a way of building loyalty to the company. You can have the business name engraved and then have it handed out to each new employee that comes in as a sign of good will. 

This upscale style design will show both your taste, and your sophistication. You also have the option to personalize this piece with custom message engraving. This means that you can make it your own, emblazoning your name across the surface of the piece. 

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