Mini Bridal Grate Shopping Bag*

Mini Bridal Grate Shopping Bag*


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Product Features:

This intriguing little item is the mini bridal grate shopping bag. A fun and frivolous mix of design and function, this device is the perfect way to put an unexpected mirth into your next party. Intended mostly as a wedding favor, it can also be a stocking stuffer, a goof gift, or a favor for just about any kind of culinary celebration.

The tiny bag sparkles with glittering rhinestones making it the perfect fancy carrying case for the savvy shopper at the supermarket. Inside you will find a tiny little grater, a great item for shredding down cubes of cheese or sticks of cinnamon, or any tiny item that you might want shredded in your culinary preparations.

Often these gifts are given out as favors at a wedding, with the tiny accessories being passed out in gift baskets at the end. Another clever wedding idea is to use them as a card holder, placing a seat card folded before or even around them. This makes the entire experience of finding your place at the table more fun and playful.

Another clever idea is to give these to your guests and serve tiny balls of pure chocolate or cubes of cheese, different items that they can shred themselves. Pairing a tasty treat with this gift and a chocolate Sunday can lead to flecks of tasty delight alighting upon its cold and frozen surface.

It features a tiny sliver glistening on black bag. Jutting from the top of the bag is the pink pastel handle of the grater which is found inside and a miniature accessory that actually functions like its large sized counterparts.

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