Antique Key Bottle Opener Keepsake with Satin Ribbon

Antique Key Bottle Opener Keepsake with Satin Ribbon


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Product Features:

The antique key bottle opener keepsake is a beautiful piece that has been intricately designed with a variety of flowing, looping features, and packaged beautifully to create a centerpiece that evokes a sense of proper Victorian style. This antique nature serves to create a favored centerpiece that will be treasured by your guests both for its beauty and its inherent utility.

This key is the perfect favor to give out at a formal event, such as a tea party, bridal shower, or an elegant wedding. It is the perfect mixture of utility and beauty, with a design that seems rich and stylish, with its antiquated look. It is also appropriate for any Victorian or medieval-themed celebration, as it has the appearance of an artifact from another age.

You can also personalize this tiny gift with an optional tag that can be printed with a short message. If it's a wedding favor, you can print the date of the event and the name of the couple. You can also find a famous quote or a joke or a rhyme that means something to you. The idea is to send a message that will give your guest something they will treasure and remember fondly.

This is a great favor at a wedding because the key is a tried and true symbol of love, with each lock having a special, unique key, a one of a kind is the only one who can unlock its treasures. This symbolism can be quite powerful for some people.

The key is crafted with attention to detail and an exquisite design. It comes with a personalized tag which is optional and is pre-packaged in a lovely and stylish box.

Please note: The key bottle opener does not include a box if the personalized tag option is added.

Antique Key Bottle Opener Keepsake
Size: 3.1" x 1.25"

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