White Dove Porcelain Cake Topper*

White Dove Porcelain Cake Topper*


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Product Features:

  • White Dove Porcelain Cake Topper
  • Size: 6.7"H

The dove is a powerful symbol, representing hope, beauty and life. Two doves entwined can add a touch of love to the equation, symbolizing the beauty of mating and of union, joining of two creatures into a single bond. It's an idea of nesting, of family, of unity which is intrinsic to the archetypes we all recognize in the world around us. That's why the white dove porcelain cake topper is such a powerful piece when used on a special occasion such as a wedding.

Crafted from glazed porcelain, the two birds entwine about one another, beaks and faces moving in towards pecking kisses. The wings of one splayed wide in wild abandon, the others wings pressed tight to form, playing coy within the lovers embrace. They are pure white, perfect and exquisitely crafted.

Standing at 6-7/10" in height, with a width of 2-3/4", this is a piece which leaps upwards from the cake, soaring like a crown above its crest. It is only 8.8 ounces in weight and the base is approximately 2- 5/8" in length.

These beautiful porcelain doves can also be used as the centerpiece of cakes at other occasions. The beauty of the twin birds is such that they can be used to decorate at a bridal shower, birthday, anniversary or even a sweet sixteen party cake.

You can also use these as decorative pieces in other applications. These beautiful pure white doves would be attractive in a Christmas decoration setup or placed on a mantel amidst some holly and vines, in order to bring a sense of nature into your home.

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