Scented Votive Candles (Set of 24)*

Scented Votive Candles (Set of 24)*


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Set the right mood, and light up a romantic ambience with our Scented Votive Candles! These votive candles are available in three classic scents, (gardenia, French vanilla, and champagne), insuring you�ll be able to create the perfect atmosphere. Once you�ve lit up the evening and filled it with an distinguished aromatic scent, your guests won�t be sure whether they�ve fallen in love with you or these lavish votive candles!

Whether you�re decorating for a wedding reception or just setting up for a special dinner with your loved one, these candles will make the perfect backdrop to set a romantic and intimate mood. Gift them as favors to your guests, and as soon as they light them up and have the sweet and fragrant aroma wafting through their own homes, they�ll be sure to keep you and your special night in their hearts for many evenings to come.

These votive candles make the perfect favors for your guests, and be sure to package them in our Clear Favor Boxes so that they can admire your gift the moment you give it to them! And with the Classic Votive Candle Set, you�ll have decorative set pieces that you can use display and light candle after candle. These even come with the option for engraving, so you can add that personal touch to an already romantic setting. And for a little international flavor, the Chinese Blessings Candle Votive Holders will allow you to light up a beautifully cultural mood. Each one features Chinese characters as well as their English meanings; Love, Happiness, Good Luck, Prosperity, Health and Long Life; which are what your guests will be sure to feel with these beautiful holders setting the scene. You can light up your party with these and other aromatic additions from our Votive & Candle Favors section.

� Burn time: 15 hours
� size: standard

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