Mini Vintage Wedding Message Mailboxes (Set of 6)

Mini Vintage Wedding Message Mailboxes (Set of 6)


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Product Features:

  • Message Mailing Box
  • Size: 1.5" x 2.5" x 2"

These delightful mini vintage message mailboxes are a whimsical treat that you can use to deliver special messages to friends and family. There are so many different uses for this product that your imagination will have a field day. Imagine the smiles you will elicit when people find these novelty accessories in their hands filled with a secret mysterious message, or perhaps a tiny treat to enjoy.

These tin mailboxes can be used to send out invitations to a party as well. All you need to do is get tiny scrolled paper that is small enough to fit in the tin mailbox, then ship them out to everyone you know, creating an invitation situation which everyone will take notice of. Imagine the merriment of finding a tiny mailbox in your mailbox.

They make great favors for a party or celebration. You can place a small, hand written note into the mailbox, thanking your guests for attending, making them feel special and remembered. This allows you to personalize each thank you and ensure that the guests receiving them will appreciate and remember the happy day.

It is painted black with a white flag that indicates that there is mail ready to be received. The inside is hollow, allowing you to place messages inside or in some cases, a tiny treat or trinket.

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