Rhinestone Jewel "Marry Me" Glass Picture Frame*

Rhinestone Jewel "Marry Me" Glass Picture Frame*

Insert your favorite memory of your proposal or wedding day with this glossy "marry me" glass picture frame.

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Product Features:

Marriage is a life-long commitment, a promise to share your life with another person, uniting the two of you forever. Capture this moment with a photograph, then hold onto it, and cherish it always within the decorative display of this attractive rhinestone picture frame.

The perfect way to remember the moment that you asked her to marry you, or even a display of your favorite photo from the wedding, this picture frame is both stylish and attractive. Made from real hardwood stained dark black, it has a contrast against the sparkling beauty of the rhinestone phrase which captures the moment so perfectly “Marry Me.”

This picture frame is also a clever way to actually pop the question. Ask your intended beloved to take a look at a picture. When she sees the glistening words written out in sparkling rhinestone beauty, she wonÂ’t be able to say no. Or if youÂ’re feeling subtle, display the picture frame somewhere in her home and then wait to see how long it takes her to notice it. As soon as she does, bring out the ring and pop the big question.

Even if youÂ’ve been married for years, this glass picture frame can still come in handy, acting as the centerpiece of a nostalgic anniversary gift. Slip in a cherished photo of the two of you, and pretend youÂ’re asking her to marry you all over again. This inexpensive gift is a great way to tug at her heart strings and help to recapture some of the magic that the two of you felt when the relationship was new.

This rhinestone and glass photo frame isnÂ’t just a great gift for wives, husbands will also cherish the beauty and thought of this gift, placing it on a mantel or dresser and looking longingly at a vision of their treasured past. Romance is a two way street, and bringing up memories of loving moments and cherished occasions is a great way to help put the spark back into your relationship.

This glass picture frame is 8 ½” x 6 ½”, with a dark black frame that is the perfect backdrop for the glittering decorative rhinestone studs that make up the words “Marry Me” along with a stunning engagement ring.

The frame itself is made from real hardwood stained black, and contains a high quality glass insert that will protect and preserve your photographs.

This frame is the perfect size for a desk at work, a mantel in the, living room, or a night stand in the bedroom, allowing you to bring the joy and wonder of that special day, with you into your daily life. You may also be interested in other similar frames such as our Rhinestone Jewel “Love” Glass Picture Frame or the Rhinestone Jewel “XOXO” Glass Picture Frame. Check out all of our available frames in our picture frames + albums category.

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