Rhinestone Jewel "XOXO" Glass Picture Frame*

Rhinestone Jewel "XOXO" Glass Picture Frame*

Present this glass picture frame to one of your best friends inserted with a "XOXO" memory.

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Product Features:

Anyone can have a picture of their wife, husband, or significant other sitting on their dresser. Picture frames are plentiful and easy to come by. However if you want something a little unique, a little different, a little personalized to who you are as a person, you may want to consider these clever XOXO picture frames.

Featuring a dark black border that makes photographs seem to pop out of the frame dimensionally, it is scrawled with bright ruby red rhinestone rivets which spell out the letters XOXO along with a giant pair of smooching lips. Featuring a real hardwood border stained to black perfection, and coupled with a glass casing that protects your photos, this high quality product can be the centerpiece of a mantel, night stand, or desk.

This is a clever way to decorate a photo of you and your loved one. It displays the emotion of love quite clearly, but does it in a playful, irreverent way that doesnÂ’t shove it in your face like a sappy romantic movie. Rather it is humorous, almost joking about the subject, with the large playful lips seeming to leap up out of the frame to tackle you in a wet kiss.

Aside from a fun personal item, this glass picture frame can also make the perfect romantic gift for the love of your life that is impossible to shop for. Nobody could be disappointed with a picture of someone they love and set inside of this frame. YouÂ’re sure to get not only a smile, but maybe even a soft chuckle.

This can also be a great way to let someone know that youÂ’ve been admiring them from afar. Simply take a photograph of yourself, standing next to a large question mark drawn in magic marker, and then set it within the frame. Then send the package off to the object of your affection and wait while they melt at your clever, novel attempts.

The photo you display in the frame can be a cherished moment shared between the two of you, but can also be a medley of pictures, rotated in and out of the frame periodically in order to keep the space looking fresh, and the relationship feeling vitalized.

Another great idea is to couple this with the“Friends” picture frame and the “Wedding Expressions” glass frame, to create a whole artistic centerpiece of memories and photographs, exploring the story of the love you two have shared. You can find other similar frames in ourpicture frames + albums category.

The frame is dark black in its border, set with bright ruby red rhinestones that contrast sharply with stain of the wood. It is sized to hold a photograph that is 6” x 4”, and looks especially good with black and white photography, as the dark of the wood makes the soft shades of black and white and gray really seem to pop out, almost as if it were dimensionally bursting from the frame.

Size: 8-1/2" x 6-5/8"

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