Rhinestone Jewel "Friends" Glass Picture Frame*

Rhinestone Jewel "Friends" Glass Picture Frame*

Show your gratitude and fondness towards your friend by presenting her with this "Friends" Glass Picture Frame.

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There is nothing in life thatÂ’s more important than the people you are close to. Friends are there to support you when youÂ’re sad, to help you when youÂ’re sick, to laugh with you when youÂ’re happy, and to share all of the most important and special moments in life. Friendship is something that many people take for granted, but itÂ’s actually a very special honor, a treasure that should be prized above all other possessions.

This attractive glass photo frame is the perfect way to express these feelings, especially if you have trouble actually voicing them. They say a picture is worth a thousand words and this is no exception. A picture of you enjoying good times with your friends, matched up with the attractive “friends” label, written in rhinestones across the frames border will help solidify that emotion, causing you to well up with a sense of joy every time you look at it.

This picture frame can also make a really special gift if given to a friend of yours. You might not be able to get the words “I care” to come out of your mouth, but giving them this frame matched up with an appropriate picture of the two of you is one way to express that emotion without having to be vulnerable in person.

Another great idea is to get a group photo of you and all of your friends. Then purchase matching photo frames, and have duplicates of the picture made up, and distributing it to each member in the group. This is a great group gift that will bring you all closer together and help solidify your friendship. This can also be a great way to get all of your Christmas shopping done early, in one easy, convenient place.

The importance of this frame is not in the item itself, nor is it in the reasonable pricing, but rather it’s the emotion involved that matters. The feelings behind this gift are potent and real and will be expressed in the attractive rhinestone message across the front which says it all in one simple word “friends”.

Other ideas include giving this as a gift to a bridesmaid, or as a secret Santa gift. A photo frame such as this can be given to mark almost any special occasion, or purchased to augment that occasion. Use this frame as the centerpiece in a decorative display, or as a way of honoring the friendship of the person being celebrated.

Size: 7-1/2" x 6"

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