Porcelain Love Birds Cake Toppers*

Porcelain Love Birds Cake Toppers*


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Product Features:

  • Porcelain Love Birds Cake Toppers
  • Size: 5.5"L x 4.25"H
  • Weight: 8.8 oz

Snow white doves are a symbol of purity and hope. Their beauty brings to mind a spirit of celebratory love which is a timeless and cherished archetype. Here we see a design featuring two of these lovely creatures, separate entities, and yet made specifically to join, the crooking necks reaching out to nuzzle one another in a tender embrace.

The beauty of these porcelain love bird cake toppers is such that they can be used in a wide variety of decorative applications. Originally created to sit at the crest of a wedding cake, they look absolutely exquisite against soft white or off white frostings. However, they can also be the centerpiece of a number of decorative displays.

These cake toppers would also look lovely resting on a mantel, set amongst bits of twigs and leafy branches or even with some fake vines trailing beneath them. You can also purchase a whicker nest and create an entire scene with the birds nuzzling at one another within its boughs, lacing the twigs with bits of flowers or leafy decorative touches.

These of course make wonderful wedding gifts as they are symbols of the purity and love that the special day celebrates. They can also be given as a bridal gift, so that the bride has a chance to actually use them on her special day. This is a great alternative to the traditional man and white statues that usually adorn such cakes.

Great for an anniversary gift, they can be given on their own or can be paired with an actual replica of the wedding cake that was at your wedding. Then you get to have your cake, enjoying it and savoring both the moment and the memories. But you also get to have it too, because the doves are a piece that can be cherished and treasured forever.

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