Personalized Wine Bottle Corkscrew Keepsake*

Personalized Wine Bottle Corkscrew Keepsake*

For the true wine lovers, these stylish will add the finishing authentic touch to the Wine Bottle Shaped Opener.

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Product Features:

This fun little keepsake is a wonderful and fun way to give guests at a party something that will not only be very functional in their homes, but also a source of joy and humor. The personalized wine bottle corkscrew keepsake is a new take on the classic corkscrew design, with the shape of the piece mimicking the bottle of wine itself.

The generic wine bottle label found on this corkscrew can be easily peeled off and replaced with one of three nifty novelty signs you can choose from. Or you can get crafty and make your own sticker label for the bottle. The three labels available are tipsy, XO, and joyful. These labels can also be printed with custom text of your choice, allowing you to print them with the name of a couple at a wedding or the date of the event or even just a corporate logo.

This is a wonderful favor for a wine themed party or to give away at a wine tasting event. Companies can use this, with labels printed with their corporate name, as a way of attracting new customers. It�s also a wonderful favor to give out at a wine themed wedding event.

The personalization of these bottles means that you can get really creative, with a saying or a quote that is meaningful adorning the bottle. This allows you to send a message, as the person receiving the gift will think of you and that message every time they open a bottle of wine with this handy corkscrew.

You can also combine this corkscrew with a number of other wine based gifts to create a gift basket or grab bag party favor for guests. Items such as the engraved heart wine stopper in organza bead bag and the wine candle in wedding gift box can all be combined to create a wine themed set that will delight and amuse anyone who receives it.

The personalized wine bottle corkscrew features a black bottle with an adjustable red spout. The corkscrew is contained in the bottom of the bottle and the top turns to open the cork. You also have a choice of three different novelty stickers, or just a plain, unadorned bottle.

You can find more wine themed gifts and favors in the wine+ coffee+ tea favors section of our site. You can find more wedding accessories in the reception and ceremony category.

Size: 7"H

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