Personalized Silver Bookmark with Tag*

Personalized Silver Bookmark with Tag*

Keep your place in your book with our personalized silver bookmark.

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Product Features:

A bookmark is a powerful symbol, representing all of the collected knowledge of humanity, bound together in all the worldsÂ’ libraries. For as you read through these wise and wondrous books, you will always need a bookmark to hold your place in between sessions. That is why something as elegant and graceful as the personalized silver bookmark with tag is such a special and potent possession for those who truly care about books.

The bookmark itself is a solid, well formed and designed, nickel plated piece with a silver tag. The tag on the bookmark reads “A friend is a rare book of which but one copy is made” while the bookmark itself can be personalized with your name, initials, or any inspirational word that reminds you of why you love reading so much.

One way to complement this product is with the attractivepocket magnifying glass, which can help you to get a little perspective, blowing up words so that they can be readily seen by weary eyes. We have similar bookmarks and other favors in our office + desk accessories category.

The nature of the saying written across the bookmark is such that this would be the perfect gift to give to a friend, either for a birthday, or a special occasion. If you know they read, this can be a special present that will keep you with them the entire time they peruse whatever tome they are reading through. This will unite you in a way that is quite deep and profound.

Reading is a special thing; it almost has a sacred quality. ItÂ’s a form of communing where you join your mind to the thoughts of the writer, learning about their mind, as you browse your way through the book. At the same time it adds to your own knowledge, expanding your mind and giving you a fresh perspective on the world around you. This bookmark can make that activity even more special with its quality design and exquisite scroll work adding a sense of sophistication to the entire experience.

The bookmark measures 5” x 7/8” wide, and includes a tag bearing the friendship quote. The bookmark itself can be custom engraved with a short, memorable quote that can complete the entire set.


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