Personalized Sand Dollar Tags (40 Pieces)

Personalized Sand Dollar Tags (40 Pieces)


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Throwing a party is all about the details. It takes a lot of very tiny things to pull off a big event successfully. One thing that is especially important for special occasions is personalization. You want people to know why they are gathered together, who they are celebrating, and why it's important. A set of personalized tags placed on each table will help bring the event into focus, drawing everyone's eyes and reminding them why they have the occasion to celebrate.

These sand dollar tags are especially useful in a beach-themed event, as the sandy little disc has an inherently tropical feel to it. This can be used at an event that is actually held on the beach or just to help simulate a tropical beach-themed environment, even if the party is being held in a catering hall or other indoor location.

One of the most popular places that people use these personalized tags is at destination weddings. This is a wedding that is held in an exotic or tropical location, where guests have to travel in order to attend the event. In such a situation, these personalized sand dollar tags can be a great way to reinforce the theme of the wedding, pulling the stylistic nature of the event together.

In some situations, the tag itself may become a souvenir, a memento that is treasured by your guests, kept and treasured, brought home and displayed, and then looked upon whenever they want to remember that special day. It can even be placed inside of a frame and used as a decorative piece in the home.

Another way to use these tags is in a collage. Several pieces of paper, scraps, and sheets leftover from wedding preparations can all be placed behind a glass frame, arranged in such a way that they create an attractive piece of artwork, which will remind a couple of the special occasion whenever they look at it.

These attractive tags are available in different colors. The cards themselves are 2" x 2" in size and can be customized with whatever message that you want, allowing you to create exactly the right atmosphere with your custom message.

Personalized Sand Dollar Tags (40 Pieces)
Size: 2"W x 2"L

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