100 Yards Metallic Rope String

100 Yards Metallic Rope String


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Product Features:

  • Metallic Rope String
  • Size: 100 Yards per Roll

Use our elegantly compact Metallic Rope String to decorate your party favors or gift boxes! Sleek and versatile, the metallic rope string is perfect for all your craft tying and decorative uses. Weave together all your great craft and decoration ideas with this durable rope string!

If you need to fasten together decorations or place settings, the metallic rope string allows you to do it in style. Create adorably unique bows for your own use. Simply form overlapping loops of ribbon gathered tightly in the middle of the loops and you can secure with a wire twisted tightly, to hold it in place and attach it to your other decorative elements like wreaths or plants. Adorn gifts and favors for your guests with your own crafted twisted ribbon bows! Or simply tie together all your favor bags and gift boxes for your guests!

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