Metal Painted Love Birds Birdcage Favor (Birdcage Only)*

Metal Painted Love Birds Birdcage Favor (Birdcage Only)*


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This attractive metal-painted love birds birdcage is an exquisitely detailed design, crafted to perfection and then doused in a dark shade to make it stylish enough to match any situation. Remarkable for various applications, the only limit to its use is the boundaries of your imagination. Storage or display, the choice is all yours.

The idea of love birds is one that is inherently romantic, and this attractive piece will often be used as tiny wedding favors. It can be filled with sweet treats and then set at each guest's place with a tiny toy filled with treasures.

You can also use this as a children's novelty for a birthday party or Easter celebration. Fill them with candy or marshmallow chicks and then hang them from various perches for the kids to claim as they wish.

This can also be a great way to give someone special a tiny gift such as a ring or a piece of jewelry. The symbolic nature of love birds or even of a heart cage by love and passion for the other can be very powerful in an inherently symbolic manner.

Metal Painted Love Birds Birdcage Favor
Size: 2.4"D x 4"H

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