Natural Gray Lucky Horseshoe*

Natural Gray Lucky Horseshoe*

Personalized with your name or phrase, carry this lucky horseshoe around or place it on your mantle for some good luck.

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Product Features:

Personalized gifts are special because they bear a message which echoes the voice of the gift giver each and every time you look at the piece. In this case, you have a lucky horse shoe, a symbol of good fortune and favored tidings, which can then be matched up with any number of sayings, quotes, or short phrases, in order to make the symbolic nature of the piece all the more potent.

Just the giving of a horse shoe is a fairly powerful statement, like handing someone a blessing or perhaps a magic charm designed to ward off evil. It's a charm of sorts, perhaps a bit superstitious, but at the same time self fulfilling, lending comfort to those who believe in the tidings of good and ill fortune.

This horse shoe is an exquisitely crafted, shaped, and designed piece that has been thoroughly cleaned to ensure that it is ready for your homes use. It can be hung on a wall, or nailed to a door, giving you the option of placing a bit of good luck in any portion of the house that you like.

The horse shoe itself measures 3-3/8" x 3-1/2" and also comes with a gift bag inscribed with the words "good luck" on the side, to allow you to take it wherever you go.

If this is a gift for a horse lover, it can be easily combined with thelucky horse shoe flask or even the 14k gold plated lucky horseshoe to complete the lucky horse themed set. This is great for a barn or stable, elevating the beauty of the decor, while still sticking with the rustic theme of the space.

This is also a great wedding gift, as it can be given to the lucky couple as a source of inspiration and hope, as well as a charm to ward off bad luck. The piece itself can be inscribed with their names and the date of the wedding, or an inspirational phrase to help give them courage at the start of such a wonderful union. Find other wedding gifts in our reception + ceremony category.

This can also be given as a corporate gift, wishing a business partner or associate good luck on a new venture. This can be a great way to start off a new business relationship or just a way of wishing good tidings on your customers at the end of the year.

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