Lady Bugs (Set of 12)*

Lady Bugs (Set of 12)*


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  • Lady Bugs (Set of 12)
  • Size: 0.6"L

Decorate your garden themed party with a set of these adorable Lady Bugs! The sight of lady bugs is said to bring future luck in love, good weather, a financial windfall, and even the granting of wishes! Bring these charming creatures into your life without having to rummage through your garden, and you won't have to worry about them flying off either! Tidy and decorative, they'll make the perfect accent to any nature themed reception or party, fitting snuggly amongst your place setting plants or making cameo appearances in your garden decorations.

It is said to be good luck to have a lady bug land on you and fly away. With our decorative lady bug set, you can bring them into your homes for an event landing, and then have them fly away with your guests as uniquely thoughtful party favors! And you can make a game out of decorating with them to thrill the children: hide them about your garden setting and have them embark on a scavenger hunt to see who can find the most of these adorable little critters. With the sight of these lady bugs playfully strewn about your event, you'll not only bring luck but delightful joy to your guests!

Include the Miniature Bees to complete your lavish garden setting! These bees won't buzz or sting, but they will make the perfect sassy compliment to the charming lady bugs! Add flora to your fauna with the Mini Green Leaf Candles - Set of 6; this sylvan touch will not only visually match your garden theme but will go the distance by serving as candle lighting for the evening! They also make great favor additions! Complete your garden mood with the Monarch Butterflies. Children will be delighted to see some of their favorite and most colorful insects about, and their colorful range make a great compliment to the adorable lady bugs!

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