Sophisticated Porcelain Bride & Groom Heart Cake Topper*

Sophisticated Porcelain Bride & Groom Heart Cake Topper*


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Product Features:

  • Sophisticated Porcelain Bride & Groom Heart Cake Topper
  • Size: 7.2"H

The sophisticated porcelain bride and groom heart cake topper is an exquisite piece, crafted from the finest pure white polished porcelain, with a design that is stylishly extravagant. Eye catching and unique, this is the perfect way to make a lasting impression with the most important cake in your life.

Two figures of snow white porcelain are the perfect picture of love. Entwined in a tender embrace, the bride is dressed in a gown of flowing white, with long trailing hair soaring down her back. The groom, a tall and distinguished fellow is dressed sharply in a fitting suit, a bouquet nestled in the crook of his free arm. The two lovers meet beneath a halo of heart, a flowing twisting symbol of the cherished emotion experienced.

Standing at 7.2" tall, this charming cake topper is 5.75" in width, with a base that is 4-1/8" x 2-3/8". The entire piece only weighs 7.2 ounces, so it can rest upon your special dessert without messing up the delicate frosted gown.

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