Hand Painted Porcelain Honeymoon Car Cake Topper*

Hand Painted Porcelain Honeymoon Car Cake Topper*


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Product Features:

  • Hand Painted Porcelain Honeymoon Car Cake Topper
  • Size: 6"L x 3.25"H

Everyone does the traditional bride and groom wedding cake topper, with the man wearing his black tux and the woman in white standing docile at his side. While there are slight variations, this is the standard for these pieces. However you can do something a little different, a little quirky, a little original, by using this hand painted porcelain honeymoon car cake topper.

A unique twist on the usual design, this cake topper features the two love birds speeding away in their pure white convertible, looking as if they're ready to shoot right off the edge of the cake. The two have their hands up, waving to friends and family, excited and looking almost giddy as they get ready to start their new lives together. The entire effect is topped off with the trail of tin cans clanking and crashing behind them as they drive away.

This wedding cake topper is crafted of the finest quality, polished in perfect porcelain. All features are hand painted, from the tiniest details, to the overall colors, with meticulous attention paid to every line in the piece. It measures 6" in length, 3.25" in height, and rests on a 6" x 3" base. The entire piece weighs 11.2 ounces.

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