Bridesmaid Dress Sachet*

Bridesmaid Dress Sachet*

Made from heavy grain card stock, these sachets are intricately designed to resemble an elegant evening dress.

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Give a special and unique gift to the ladies at your wedding shower, or even on your big day with our these Bridesmaid Dress Sachet favors. Made from hearty and heavy grain card stock, these "Papier Parfume" are imbibed with the scent of lilies intricately designed to resemble an elegant evening dress. Each scented sachet has a pink colored bodice with gold trimmings on the neckline and a gold pleated skirt tied together with a silver bow. And all of it assembled from paper. Perfect for the closet or on top of dresser drawers.

With the words ‘fragrance with style’ written across the back of each packet, your guests will know that they are getting just that, a stylish gift with a fun flare meant just for them. Give a fun and totally unique gift to your loved ones, family, friends and guests and watch the smiles light up their faces with these dress sachets and their lily aroma!

Want something made from cloth instead of paper? Then look no further than ourBridesmaid Satin Dress Pouch! Made from gorgeous satin and filled with a pouch of potpourri, or candy mints, you simply canÂ’t go wrong! Or maybe our Lily Fragrance Sachet Purse is right for you, with the same great lily scent, but all enclosed in an elegantly folded purse instead. Find these and more fantastic gifts and favors in our beauty accessories section.

• bridesmaid dress sachet: 8"H x 4"W

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