Bride & Groom Stir Sticks & Picks (12 pairs)

Bride & Groom Stir Sticks & Picks (12 pairs)


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Product Features:

  • Heart Stir Stick
  • 6"L

These heart shaped bride and groom stir sticks and picks are incredibly versatile items which can be used to embellish a variety of food dishes and specialty cocktails. Add a little heart to all of your love based culinary creations, embedding these attractive black and white matched heart shaped pairs into them to remind everyone of the special nature of this wonderful occasion.

These are generally going to be used at a celebration that is inspired by love, such as weddings. One way to use them is to give them to your bartender, so he can place them in signature cocktails as swivel sticks. These then become functional pieces of decorative art, interactive items that can help to increase the festive nature of the celebration.

These are also a great way to garnish the dishes that you will be serving. Use them to allow guests to spear pieces of cheese or meats or as a way of daintily picking up tiny desserts. They also excel as tiny hors d'oeuvres skewers that will add a little love into every jabbing bite.

The bride and groom stir sticks and picks are crafted from plastic into the shape of alternating black and clear hearts that trace the entire length of each shaft. Each piece is 6" long and they are sold in packs of 12 pairs a set. The black and clear can be paired in a single dish or alternated amidst the group to create a contrasted look.

These skewers can be paired with a number of other wedding themed items to create a style that emphasizes love and union throughout your hall. Pieces such as the foiled chocolate hearts can be placed on each table and bridal candy flower pots can be scattered throughout the space. If the heart theme is your focus, "cut out for one another" heart cookie cutter sets can be used as favors for guests so they always remember the day.

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