Bride Canvas Tote Bag with Interchangeable Ribbon*

Bride Canvas Tote Bag with Interchangeable Ribbon*

Take the canvas tote bag out for luncheon and simply change the ribbon and take it out again for a dinner party without transferring any items from one bag to another.

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Product Features:

Take along this convenient tote bag everywhere you go. This white canvas tote bag with interchangeable ribbon is a much more than your traditional tote bag. If you are not new to the world of tote bags, you could testify to just how handy these bags can become. Shaped to focus on depth, the bride canvas tote bag features a streamlined shaped with quite comfortable handles. This means you can take it along with you on a trip to the shopping mall, local market, or perhaps the jewelry store. You will still look trendy and fashionable with this pretty tote bag at your side, a solid pink and polka dot grosgrain design and with a contrast black and white design making sure of that.

Going on a picnic or day-out with friends and family is always a lot easier with the right bags to do the heavy lifting. Rather than carry supplies in bulky plastic cases or nylon bags, this bride canvas bag can accommodate to any occasion.

By its simplicity and sheer usefulness every woman will appreciate this bag as a favor item or gift received. Impress the bride with this gift.

Measures 15” x 13 ½”

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