Blue Tide Pools Beach Potpourri (Potpourri Only, 1 Pound)

Blue Tide Pools Beach Potpourri (Potpourri Only, 1 Pound)


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Carry your guests away to the romantic shores of the beach on your special day with our radiant Blue Tide Pools Beach Potpourri, infused with a refreshing sea breeze fragrance. Mix in your own assortment of mini seashells; you'll evoke the grandeur of the most beautiful beaches imaginable to your guests' senses. Or get some of your own bridal shower confetti for your wedding party. It doesn't matter whether you're planning a themed beach wedding or just a special celebration at the beach itself; our Blue Tide Pools Beach Potpourri will add a fantastical and sensual mood while also capturing the quiet majesty of our beautiful blue sea.

Leave our beautiful potpourri beads and seashells lying around for a natural mood, or carefully arrange and contain them to spotlight any furnished setting. However, you decide to set these delightful potpourris, the refreshing sea breeze fragrance and iridescent shine of the beads and seashells will carry your guests away on a tide of senses. 

Blue Tide Pools Beach Potpourri (1 Pound)

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