Double Happiness Asian Cake Topper*

Double Happiness Asian Cake Topper*


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Product Features:

  • Double Happiness Cake Topper
  • Size: 4"H

Language is made up of words which are made up of letters, but all of that is merely symbolic representations of first sounds and then ideas that exist in our minds and the real world. This can make some words, some letters, some symbols very powerful. This is especially true when that symbolism pulls back on our ancient past or on a certain cultural tradition, such as the Asian double happiness cake does.

This beautiful cake topping piece features the Asian symbol for happiness, double here in exquisite metalwork. The ideas behind this is to create almost a charm, as if the symbolic power of the word, doubled, can translate into reality, into happiness doubled, and shared between two people. It represents happiness in unity, while also hailing back to the cultural heritage that it hails from.

This powerful symbolic cake topper stands 4" in height and is paper thin so that it can easily be embedded in even the tiniest of cake crowns. It is crafted from polished metal, which allows it to pick up the colors in the cake, making this the perfect piece to couple with a dessert that is particularly brightly hued.

The nature of the double happiness symbol makes it perfect for topping a wedding cake, however it can really be used in any situation where you want to inspire joy and a celebratory nature. This is great for birthday parties and special occasions or even just as a topper for a cake that you make at home for your family.

At a wedding, this can be coupled with various other items to create an Asian inspired theme throughout the entire hall.

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