Air Tight Vacuum Fruit & Vegetable Fitness Gym Tumbler*

Air Tight Vacuum Fruit & Vegetable Fitness Gym Tumbler*

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Product Features:

  • Air Tight Vacuum Fruit & Vegetable Fitness Gym Tumbler
  • Removes air easily with the patented air release lid to prevent oxidation of fruits and vegetables
  • Preserves Nutrients & Taste
  • Capacity: 17 oz

Oxidation occurs naturally when your favorite fruits and vegetables are exposed to oxygen. Almost immediately beneficial nutrients and valuable enzymes start to diminish, along with the fresh natural appearance and taste of your favorite smoothie. What is the solution to preserve all the health benefits of the nutritious drink? The innovative FRESH N GO is the answer! The unique product removes air easily with the patented air release lid. Creating a 100% airtight container. Now free from oxidation- freshness, taste and nutrients are preserved. This DOUBLE WALL VACUUM INSULATED FRESH N GO! insures that you drink remains cool, longer. Now your "on the go" smoothie will taste great as long as you want it. Enjoy nature's best when you want, where you want, with FRESH N GO!

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