Elegant Black Marble Hourglass Sand Timer with Metal Rods (60 Minutes)

Elegant Black Marble Hourglass Sand Timer with Metal Rods (60 Minutes)


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This One-Hour Black Marble Glass Sand Timer elegant hourglass takes you back in time to the good old days of natural sand timing. Decorate your desk or bookshelf in style with this classic hourglass in black marble and white sand hourglass. If you are one who enjoys special relics then a sand timer lays perfect to complement your decorative needs. This is also an ideal gift for the high achiever.

Anniversary or Milestone: For couples celebrating an anniversary or individuals reaching a significant milestone in their life, an hourglass gift can represent the timeless nature of their relationship or achievement.

Graduation: An hourglass can symbolize the transition from one phase of life to another, making it a thoughtful gift for someone who is graduating from school or university.

Wedding Gift: As a wedding gift, an hourglass can represent the passing of time in a relationship and the importance of cherishing each moment together.

New Job or Promotion: To wish someone success and progress in their new job or promotion, an hourglass can be a symbolic gift, representing the start of a new journey.

Corporate Gift: For employees or business partners, an hourglass can be a unique corporate gift, signifying the value of time in achieving goals and success.

Additionally, you may want to attach a heartfelt note or message to convey the significance of the gift and your well wishes to the recipient.

Black Marble 60 Minute Sand Timer with Chrome Accents
Black marble
Approximately 60-minute sand timer (Please note this is only an approximation and may not be accurate.)
White sand
Chrome accents
Tarnish resistant
COLOR: Black/Chrome

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