Fill the room with the delightful scent of coffee.

Chocolate Sprinkle Cappuccino Coffee Candle Cup With Saucer*

Chocolate Sprinkle Cappuccino Coffee Candle Cup With Saucer*

Chocolate Sprinkle Cappuccino Coffee Candle Cup With Saucer*

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Product Features:

Nothing smells better than a fresh cup of coffee. Now you can give the gift of that delicious aroma to guests at your next event with our delightful and delicious smelling Chocolate Sprinkle Cappuccino Coffee Candle Cup with Saucer. These absolutely adorable candles look just like real cups of cappuccino, complete with whipped cream and sprinkles. They come set in a cute ceramic cup atop a matching saucer.

Each cup also features the names of several different coffee drinks in modern print. Have a special message or name printed on a tag in your chosen color to complete the look. The coffee candle is the perfect addition to any party you are planning!

Give the cappuccino candle cup to all of the ladies at your bridal or baby shower. This fun and fantastic favor will be enjoyed the moment it is open, and for some time to come. The amazing scent of fresh cappuccino will fill the room and even tea lovers will be tempted to indulge! Be sure you let unassuming guests know that it is a candle, because at first glance, you would swear it’s the real deal! Have these beauties waiting for all of the women at your next book club, engagement party or girl’s night.

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size: 3"L x 2-1/4"W x 3"H