Wellness Wednesday- Superhero Status

Superheroes has been a big Media Marketing frenzy these days from the rise of the Avengers, Thor, Iron Man, Captain America, and now Wonder Woman.  Why are we co captivated by these “superheroes”? Do we really feel like the world needs saving?  The answer to this is a definite “Yes”.   We all at times feel the need to be saved in all areas of our lives.

Nothing stirs our core more than the battle of good and evil and the rise of one single group/individual that sacrifices so much for the greater good.  Inside, all of us want to be that superhero, but are we willing to sacrifice what will matter most to make a difference for the greater good?

In a marriage, will we sacrifice our need to be pampered to and praised upon to make the relationship work? We always feel the need to be right and speak our mind even though we know the outcome will not serve the relationship well.  It is best to keep silent and compromise with your spouse so you can view the situation from all viewpoints, instead of selfishly trying to win the battle.

We all have good intentions in a relationship, whether it is with our spouse, friend, boss, co-worker or family but having good intentions alone will not make a shift or change in a relationship or situation.  It needs to go beyond “good intentions”, because talk and discussion can only go so far but it is the “action” behind the “good intentions” that will propel you forward and make an impact in a relationship or situation.

The “Superhero’s” secret to saving the world and come out on top is having an “action” that serves your “good intentions”.  Don’t let your good intentions not have an action, otherwise the good intention will change its purpose over time and turn into doubt, regret, and jealousy which will lead you astray , letting you think you are doing good in a relationship/situation but in actuality you may be causing more harm or adding more fuel to the fire.

As one superhero’s Motto goes:

Life doesn’t give us Purpose. 

We give life Purpose. 

-The Flash

Wellness Wednesday- Spring Mindfulness

Wellness Wednesday-Spring Mindfulness

After a fun filled week of Easter Celebration, the wonders of Springtime can still be seen by the rainbow of colors in the flower beds seen throughout the community.  Spring mindfulness doesn’t stop after Easter but still continues on.  Mindfulness is the state of being aware and alert to the present moment.  By being mindful to our bodies, our environment, and in our relationships, we can begin to feel a sense of connectedness in everything we do and are more open to the needs of others.   During Spring, nature works its magic to coordinate all the intricate details to give the Spring Season its’ vibrant hues and colors.  Like nature, we too can be connected Spiritually and let our natural being coordinate the intricate details that will make us blossom and bloom.  By practicing these following mindful meditation, it will make us more mindful and reduce stress and tension in our lives.


 Be mindful of those in Need

 Be mindful of those who need Comforting

 Be mindful of those Less fortunate

 Be mindful of those that Uphold Justice

 Be mindful to Forgive

Be mindful to be Open Hearted

Be mindful to be Compassionate

Be mindful to give Generously

Wellness Wednesday- Time To Rebuild

Time To Rebuild

Rebuilding something that has been torn down and shattered into many pieces can be an exhausting and defeating task for most of us to do.  Sometimes the tedious task of rebuilding can build up strength and character that we never thought existed in us.

When a relationship has slowly unraveled, and appears to have come to an end, we just keep adding to the unraveling instead of trying to have the “glue” ready to put the pieces together.  We assume that it would just be easier to let the pieces fall apart instead of looking for the goodness that once existed.  If we can just give our full attention and time into seeing what is needed to be repaired instead of focusing on how the other person has hurt us, we can then move past that hurt into a place of healing.   Once we move into to a place of healing, we can then find the many reasons to rebuild and the tools needed to build a stronger foundation, with more love and more vigor.  Spring is always a time to see the hard work that was planted in the previous season and its splendor is in full bloom.  We want to give our relationship that time of harvesting and nurturing for it to fully bloom into something beautiful.



Wellness Wednesday Love In Action

Live Better- Love in action


Love is a strong emotion which we all know and either embrace or try to ignore its power.  Most of us don’t think of Love as anything else other than an emotion or feeling. We often say I love you to show kindness to the other person, letting them know we care about them but may not truly mean it.  Why do husband and wives sometimes are doubtful that the other one truly means I love you when they say it?  Love is often misunderstood because it is used as an emotion being felt instead of a Love that is in action.  If we only see love as an emotion, this is where our relationships is dependent on receiving that love back and the amount of love we give is determined by how much the other person has sacrificed for us or is sympathetic with us. This love becomes “conditional”.

Emotions have a beginning and an end; it is easily moldable and generalized.  When we first start any relationship we get to know one another and we learn to figure out the other person’s weakness and strength and with the passing of time, we learn to adjust to the likes and dislike of the other person.  We start doing things for each other out of kindness which we mistaken for love.    To truly know love we have to see “love in action”, meaning that we must not see it just as a feeling/emotion but as an act, a force that is hard like a diamond that will last forever.  Unconditional love is not spontaneous and cannot be easily changed but its value is determined by the action or the will to do what is good for the other person.  It is not based on sympathy for the other person but a personal connection to the other person.  When we practice “love in action” our conditional love will turn into unconditional love.  When this happens, this love will be inseparable.