Wellness Wednesday- Gentleness can save a relationship

A gentle and quiet spirit is often time taken for granted.  In a world that is so busy and full of noise, being loud, pushy and harsh takes center stage.  The need to stand out and be heard is today’s motto.  We as a society have forgotten what it means to be still and have a gentle and tenderness towards one another.  This unforgiving and demanding character has rubbed off on us and has over flowed into our personal lives and the relationship we have with our family and spouse.

We avoid being gentle and tenderhearted fearing that it may appear to others that we are weak and vulnerable.  In a relationship over time we tend to say harsh words to one another to show how much strength we have and how strong we stand behind our beliefs.   The tendency to be gentle has slowly faded as time passes.   We forget how to give in to one another, even when the other person is wrong; instead we stand our ground as long as we can.  Expressing gentleness is actually the opposite of what we may think; gentleness shows a sign of self control, strength and self awareness and not weakness and vulnerability.  Learning to express gentleness in many ways increases understanding and forgiveness in a relationship.  Choose to be an uplifting spirit rather than a spirit crusher.

Labor Day Weekend- Things to do and places to go

Fall is fast approaching and as we say goodbye to the end of Summer, we have one last chance to take a mini vacation before the cold winter season comes.  Labor Day weekend is a perfect time to head out to the beaches, lounge at a pool or go locally to enjoy some family time while the weather is still warm.  Get out your travel bags and pack light.  Get a convertible bag that takes you from day outings to night time partying.



Embroidered Transforming Suit & Garment Travel Bag

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The weather in some parts of the US will be scorching hot form 90 degrees to 100 degrees.   Bring your water bottles and sunscreen.  Make sure to keep hydrated with some water or thirst quenching liquid.  No worries about keeping it cold all day when you are out and about, shopping, sight-seeing, or sitting on the beach, these stylish and well insulated bottles will keep your ice coffee, Aqua Fresca cold for up to 24hr.


Stainless Steel Vacuum Insulated Le Baton Travel Bottle

Stainless Steel Vacuum Insulated Le Baton Travel Bottle https://www.hansonellis.com/engraved-stainless-steel-best-fitness-water-bottle.html



Labor Day weekend is only 3 days so make the most of it.  Here are a few top 10 destinations “Trips To Discover” has suggested for the Labor Day Weekend.


Charleston, South Carolina

Charleston, South Carolina

Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe


Enjoy and happy Labor Day Weekend!!



Wellness Wednesday| Finding “Joy” in the midst of heartaches

A simple concept of just finding joy and being happy is a long- time struggle that people have faced for centuries.  No matter how much technology has evolved to make life more simple and easier, we manage to still accumulate stress and have a hard time thinking outside of the circumstance we are in.  If this condition seems to be inevitable, how then can we find joy in the midst of heartaches we face in our lives?

We are not searching for joy as we may think but searching for negativity and the stress.  Our eyes and mind are fixed on the “what if’s” instead of focusing on “I have faith, things will change”.  In order to find joy and happiness, we must create this positivity for others to experience.  By having other’s experience, a sense of joy, you in turn will feel that joy and happiness.  If you do not spread and give joy, none will be given back to you.  This concept is quite simple.  You need to give and look for so much positivity in the world that it will over shadow the negativity and heartaches.  Filing your cup full of what you want to see will leave little room of what you don’t want to see.  Only by thinking this way can you overcome the heartaches in life.

We are sending out compassion and hope to the people of Houston, Texas.  Letting their mind be focus on the good that is still out there and overcome the heartache they may be facing at this moment.



Be Prepared for something “Bigger”

Wellness Wednesday| Be Prepared for something “Bigger”


Having a seal of approval these days means so much, it’s worth, is as great as winning the lottery.  The need for approval starts at childhood from your parents and extends into adult years with your relationships with friends, spouse, co-workers, boss, and even from total strangers.  Your worth is so much based on the approval of others that it can dictate your life choices and prevent you from reaching your true potential.  In Social Media, you get approval from the amount of likes and love you receive from your posts.  From friends and families, your approvals are based on the time and money they spend on you, the more time and money they give, the greater the approval you feel.

You cannot always rely on other people to approve your actions and emotions.  Not everything you do can be approved, even you don’t approve of your own decisions, actions and emotions all the time but you learn to accept it and move on.  Needing other’s approval is like an addiction, where you constantly look for the next complements, encouragements to cheer you on. Relying on them to make you feel good about yourself can lead you into discouragement and discontent, making you work harder just to get their approval.  Recognizing that your value as a person is not based on what others do or don’t do for you or how much they give you or don’t give you can be the first step to acceptance.  Your value is based on accepting what you have been given and know that you have to accept yourself and validate yourself.  Those that don’t approval you may not be part of your purpose or destiny, learn to move on and don’t waste the pain, sorrow and disappointment, rather let it be a preparation for something bigger in your life.