A Royal Wedding- Building a Legacy

A Royal Wedding- Building a Legacy

In light of the times of modern technology age and short lived weddings and marriages, it is always out of curiosity and a bit heart warming to see and watch another Royal Wedding take place.  We are so accustomed to weddings that are modern and focused on what we (the couple) want instead of sticking to plans that carry on a traditional approach that have long lasting effect to generations that will come afterwards.    This royal wedding between Prince Harry and Ms. Meghan Markle will merge both modern concepts yet keep what was special and sacred to the royal heritage.

Special invitations are made by the same company since 1985 with the Royal tradition of the Three-Feathered Badge of the Prince of Wales that are printed in gold ink while announcements and every detail of the wedding are posted on the special Royal Family website.  Here, you will be amazed on the details of the wedding that are posted for the public to view.  From the names of the Bridesmaids and Page Boys to the food that will be prepared and served.  

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

Courtesy https://www.royal.uk/royal-wedding-2018

It is not so much the large amount of money and time spent on the invitations and big guest list that makes the royal weddings such an event to watch but more on how traditions are kept that has been passed on for years that has created the Royal Family legacy.

To create a long legacy of our family, we need to start putting in traditions and values that will surpass all trends that will come and go.  It may seem more fun and exciting to incorporate just our own ideas into the wedding planning and forget our parent’s request for certain things to be incorporated in the wedding but a few years later when it is time for our kids to get marry, there will not be any traditions that they can use in their wedding to continue on the lineage, and to remember the family legacy by.  It is short lived to create a wedding and marriage only based on our own needs but will be more long lasting if we are able to let our family be a part of that legacy.

As we watch the Royal Wedding this Saturday, May 19th, we can certainly pick up all the traditions that are still used and most likely new traditions at the same time that will be set forth by Prince Harry and Ms. Meghan Markle.  It will be a wedding that is filled with old traditions that brings us back to a time when fairy tale weddings are possible and to a new time when marriage is not just based on royal agreements but actually based on love and respect for one another.

“Leave a Legacy Worth Sharing!”