Living a life of joy and happiness is overrated

Living a life of joy and happiness is overrated

Have you ever felt like you have been walking in the dark in broad daylight?  Has it happened just once or is it a constant occurrence? It is not fun, because you are constantly feeling like you are bumping into things and you think people and situations just keep getting in your path and they need to get out of your way.  So we go through the day blaming others and situations for being in our way. In reality, if you are walking in complete darkness, of course you will bump into things, it is natural, but if you had a flashlight or anytype of light source you would see what is in front of you and maneuver your way around it.  If you saw what was in front of you, it is 100% certain that you will not go head on into it, unless it was planned.

So since this is such an easy solution, then why do some of us keep choosing to walk in the dark and crossing our fingers that we don’t bump into anything?  

When we walk in the dark, we can only rely on ourselves to guide us and nothing else.  We then begin to find joy and delight knowing that we conquer the darkness by our own might.  Slowing we build an identity for ourselves, saying that we are our own guiding light. When we start to identify ourselves as the guiding light, we feel empowered and start telling others that you don’t need this or that, just trust yourself and you will get where you need to be.

This illusion is so dangerous because, we start to live a life of joy and happiness that is based on our own abilities and when the time comes when we can no longer guide ourselves, we become devastated and lose our identity and self worth and stress starts to build up inside.  What then happens to joy and happiness?

The cure to walking out of the darkness is to find your source of light.  Only the presence of light can really help you maneuver yourself through life.  Don’t let society make you think that it is the source of light in your life. Light in its natural form will warm you up inside and not leave you feeling cold and empty.  Once you find your natural source of light, you become a firefly that lights up the darkness.

Our Natural Hand-carved Heart Stone Paper Weight has been a great comfort for those that have lost a loved one. It has warmed the hearts of some of our customers and their family and friends. If you know someone near and dear to your heart who needs a smile put back on their face, this heart stone can be a first step to their healing process.