Spring Is Officially Here

Spring Is Officially Here

If you are resident of California, Spring has brought about some April showers in May but thanks to those rain falls in the past weeks, it brings host to a surge of wildflowers blooming in the hills of Lake Elsinore in Riverside County.  This Super bloom is the first sign that Spring is here and is also the arrival of the March equinox on March 20th, both the length of day and night are the same (www.almanac.com). Along with these two events, many Americans are preparing for Easter with fasting and prayers. Homes are getting a thorough spring cleaning and tidying up.  Our hearts and spirit are also getting a thorough purification and cleansing. It the time to get rid of the clutter and negative things that are holding us back and reflect on the natural beauty and wonders that occurs in our lives.  Take a look outside and see, smell and notice all the flowers in bloom, the warm sunlight that lights up the sky and the onset of life in everything that is living. During this season, let yourself be engulfed in thankfulness, knowing that there is Hope after every rain storm.

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If you are planning a trip out to see the Super bloom, it is a great idea to pack a light lunch and set out to have a picnic while you are out there. Gather with friends and families and enjoy the beautiful scenery while it lasts.  For those who are not able to make it out this way west to California, head out to your nearest botanical garden and see all the blooms that are taking place locally.

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– picnic outdoors