Sacrificing coffee, can it reconnect you emotionally and spiritually?

Sacrificing coffee, can it reconnect you emotionally and spiritually?

Beautiful pastel colors of pink, blue, peach and yellow are seen outside with Spring in full bloom.  In the next few days some of us will be dressed in our Sunday best and have lunch or dinner with family and good friends for the celebration of Easter.  

The conversations will be quite interesting, from telling stories of how we did our 40 days fast from anything indulgent, such as coffee, chocolate, junk food, web surfing,  social media, to even texting. Stories of how it felt like to be a Vegetarian for a day on Fridays and stories of how hard it was to offer forgiveness to someone we have been holding a grudge to. All these so call sacrifices we did leading up to this big Easter celebration makes us ask the question ask why? As in our previous blog post, having to fast and sacrifice certain things for a short period of time brings clarity  and it also helps reconnect us with our true self. Choosing to have a deeper connection with your true self emotionally,mentally, and spiritually gives you an insight to the abilities you can have and the changes that can take place to transform your life. You learn to get rid of old habits and gain better ones.

This Sunday, as we sit and feast on chocolate covered eggs, colorful hard boiled eggs, juicy baked spiral ham with roasted vegetables and a side of your favorite cocktail, we remember to celebrate life and all the miraculous things that can happen even after a storm, a flood, a disease, or even after death.  Celebrate your life everyday with a new perspective.

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Every day of your life is a special occasion.”- Thomas Monson