Have you reached your Peak?

Have you reached your Peak?

There is something very attractive and alluring about being at the peak, or at the top of something.  The air on top is limited, it is pure, fresh, and the view is spectacular. It is a view that is rarely seen by others. It’s a once in a lifetime experience we all would like to have.  Some may fear being at the top, worried that the air is too thin and they will not survive, or fear of being the only one on top and no one to share it with when they get there.

If your goal for 2019 is to reach high and make your way to the top, whether it be in your career, relationships, or personal development, the one aspect that you must always remember is to stay grounded.  It is important to stay grounded and focused. Without keeping this in mind, on your way to the top temptations will slowly sneak its way into your path without you knowing. It will misguide you to use other methods to reach the top such as deception and cleverness disguised as strengths that will cause you to be superficial and turn away from your real reason for reaching the top.

If you let yourself submit to being superficial, once you reach the top, fear will set in.  You are no longer able to enjoy the view on top but are only consumed by the fear of losing it all.  When you have the fear of losing it all, you no longer can see the view as pure, fresh and spectacular and will not want to share it with others.  This fear can be avoided if you stay connected to the truth and nothing else.

On your way to the top the only thing you can have is Faith… It keeps you grounded and keeps your eye on your goal.  It abandons all fears knowing that you can trust the process.

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