Better Than Yesterday- Restoration Project 2019

Better Than Yesterday- Restoration Project 2019

Here we are again, we find ourselves in a new year, full of possibilities and hope.  It is starting off with a new slate some may say but another way of looking at it is restoring ourselves through mind, body, and spirit.  Like an old house that has been around for many years and decades, our mind and body has been a part of who we are for many years and decades also.  Rather than cleaning house and tearing down everything old to make room for the new, you would carefully plan out what is an important aspect of the house that is worth keeping and restoring and take out what is not working and strengthen what is losing its form and shape and fortify it to make it stronger. A restoration project may be long and time consuming but at the end of the project, there is much learning and evolving that takes place that transforms an old house into a treasure or historic landmark.  

Our body and mind can become a treasured landmark by simply getting rid of old habits and relationships that are negatively affecting us and restoring weaken habits and relationships that will transform us in character that will eventually make us better than who we were yesterday.  It is an investment in time that will grow our Spirit and make us whole again. The only way to measure success throughout the year is knowing that we were better than who we were yesterday and not comparing ourselves to who other people are today. May 2019 be a year that brings restoration and peace.

Want to make 2019 timeless?  Add a treasured piece to your home or give as a gift to someone.  Let this treasured piece be a reminder that life is a continual cycle of both joy and sadness but we must learn to empty ourselves and be restored by shifting our perspectives and to appreciate the time we have and to make the most of it.

Timeless Gift