Valuing What Is Free

Valuing What Is Free

The time honored essence of gift giving can never be lost even in today’s technologically based society where we can instantly be gratified by simply buying ourselves something online.  We don’t have the need to wait anymore for any special occasion or reason to buy, instead we buy just because we feel like we deserve it. How can we still honor the notion of gift giving when we can choose to buy and give ourselves gifts whenever we feel the need to celebrate any milestone no matter how small?   We can say in this day and age, we spoil ourselves to the point that gifts from others just don’t matter as much as gifts we buy for ourselves. True, material gifts have lost it’s value these days because it is no longer a scarcity to receive them, instead we now must look beyond the material gift giving to really appreciate the real sentiment of the concept of Gifts.  

The value of the gift is not so much in the actual gift itself but more on the giver who gives the gift.  If the giver is pure in his/her intentions and is characterized by goodness, the value of the gift increases.  When the value of the gift is so great that it surpasses any dollar amount, it then becomes priceless and timeless.  It is when the gift reaches this level of value, it will never lose it’s essence but will be passed on and be remembered.  The most valuable gifts given to us without us putting in a cent are the gifts of wisdom, understanding, counsel, fortitude, knowledge, humility, and fear of the creator.   If we come to appreciate these gifts we can use them to its full extent, making life meaningful and beautiful because their usage and understanding are universal, not predicated on any trend, gender, race, or class.  These gifts will be passed on for generations to come and will never be devalued. It is only when we lose sight of whom we received these gifts from do we begin to devalue them.

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When we begin a marriage and start a family, we must remember to include these valuable gifts in every stage of married life and family life in order to help us thrive and be able to sustain through the ups and downs of this world.

Enjoy a Free gift that will help you thrive and allow you to weather through the tough times, when hope may seem lost.  It surpasses judgement and will become an invaluable gift that provides calmness and gentleness in a chaotic world.

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