Making your House Feel like a Home this Fall

Making your House Feel like a Home this Fall

Life can throw some curve balls, but with a little faith even the wildest adventures can turn into our biggest blessings. One moment you’re making Sunday dinner in the home where you’ve started your family, then neatly packing up memories into moving boxes. Or perhaps you’ve just married your best friend, anxiously gearing up for the bliss of finally sharing a home together. Fall is one of the busiest times for new homeowners. When you embark on this new adventure, it can be difficult to make your abode feel as welcoming as the last. You don’t have to spend a fortune or wait years to make you house feel like a home. Creating comforting ambiances, gracious attitudes, and new memories are sure ways to bring familiarity into your loving space.

Bring coziness into your space

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As the sweltering sunshine of summer fades, crisp and breezy sweater weather becomes the perfect inspiration for a fall makeover. Bringing warmth into your space helps to convey a welcoming feeling, which can encourage bonding time. The best way to make a house a home is to make it feel lived in. Creating a cozy space that you and your loved ones can’t wait to spend time in will drive that loving, at-home vibe.


Coziness doesn’t have to be exclusive to colder weather. Bring Hygge into your home to make cozying up with your loved ones a year round lifestyle! Hygge (pronounced Hoo-gah) is a Danish lifestyle philosophy advocating living in the moment. The Scandinavian practice is used to place emphasis on intimacy, bringing people closer together through spaces and actions that bring about relaxation and mindfulness. Incorporating muted, earthy colors, chunky knit blankets, or textured pillows into your living spaces will create a low-stress environment for bonding. Soft lighting and organic touches like candles in natural scents or succulents will create a comforting ambiance fit for cozy fall nights.


Bring Memories into your Space

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A house that has been lived in is one that feels like a true home. After all, what made your last space so warm were the memories made within those walls. Each room had been blessed by wonderful moments shared with people you love. Those memories no longer have a physical place in your house, but that doesn’t mean they will be replaced as you create new ones!

Once you’ve gotten your home hygge-fied with cozy hues and textures, carve out time in your hectic balancing act of home, life, or parenting to host a well cooked family dinner. Whether it be an intimate gathering of just your household or a buffet spread to feed your entire extended family, filling the rooms with laughter and good conversation will make your home come alive. Even after the commotion has quieted down, the sense of company will linger from the sink full of dishes, fridge of leftovers, and a living room slightly out of place.

A living room should be more than a collection of furniture perfectly unworn and worthy of a Martha Stewart catalog. A living room, apart from the dining area, is a place for loved ones to unite and strengthen their bond. As fall brings around cool nights perfect for snuggling under covers, turn the living room into the perfect family getaway. Designate time for a game night or transform the space into a private movie theater for you and the kids. There are lots of wholesome family movies  to choose from that will truly emphasize the importance of quality family-time. Go ahead, let the room get a little messy with movie night memories.


Bring grace into your space

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A loving home is one founded in positivity. Working to develop a space that prides itself in having respect, admiration, and gratitude for all who enter is one that will surely transform your new house.

Go beyond just the attitude you have when existing within your home by incorporating gratitude into its decor. Splash the walls with framed photos of your loved ones as constant reminders of the life you’ve lived, the memories you’ve made, and the individuals who make your days special. Research inspirational phrases that serve as encouragement to intentionally practice gratitude and show appreciation for family-time. Get crafty and incorporate these words into the room, applying them to walls as decals or getting them as prints to be framed!

For options that are customizable day by day, get a chalkboard or or cork board to display in a part of the home with lots of foot traffic. The kitchen or hallway leading to the front terrace are great options. Utilize this board to post daily messages of gratitude for your family. Display general thoughts of thankfulness or more direct gratitude towards specific members and their actions.


Be open, stay patient

It may take time to let go of your last home. The place you created for yourself and your family was not done overnight. However, being intentional of bringing coziness, gratitude, and memories into your new house will certainly do the trick. With repetition, you’ll eventually begin to feel your house turn into a home radiating love and familiarity.

The heartbeat that keeps the home alive and so loved is the “family unit”.  Making time for one another builds a sense of closeness and warmth. Building your home always start and ends with the family unit.  Having a healthy family unit built on Love, Trust, and Faith brings the home to life, bringing forth hospitality to all who enter.  Let no one leave without a smile on their face and a full stomach. A little hospitality goes a long way in making a lasting impression.