How to Boost Your Brain and Stay Focused

How to Boost Your Brain and Stay Focused

How is your stress level this morning?  You might be the lucky one if you already had your morning cup of coffee before you read this article and your stress level is probably tamed and under control.  For the rest of you, hold tight, there is hope coming at the end of this article.

Productivity is in high demand these days, no matter what job, or career you have.  With the environment filled with chatter, noise, and unwanted updates on anything and everything (updates on family and friends, updates on how many people liked your posts, updates on your friends pet, on Donald Trump) and so on…..  


How can you not have brain fog, stress, and attention deficit and keep yourself focused to be productive at work and give whatever energy left you have to your family after work?  It is a balance game but in recent discoveries, a new “coffee” and “Red Bull” type of remedy has emerged that apparently is making a dent in solving this problem. With the rise of technology and information changing at lightning speed, we need to keep our minds in optimal health which leads to optimal overall wellness.  

In the tech industry, there is a known secret on how these tech influencers are able to keep focused and get so much done and crank out new ideas.  The little secret is called “Nootropics”.   Silicon Valley has known about it and it is now making its way mainstream into coffees and snack bars.(courtesy:  This is a cognitive enhancing supplement that helps improve cognition, memory recall, helps you attain your goals and keeps you focused.

With a little help from science, our stress level can be reduced and our mental focus can be increased.  We also have to remember that science can only help our mental wellness so far. It is ultimately up to us to sustain that mental wellness day in and day out.  While achieving high productivity, our body will use up a lot of energy and concentration. In order to bring it back to balance, we will need to bring our mind and body back to a state of calm and relaxation.  Like any high intensity exercise we need to have a cool down period where you must learn to rest and be still. Work for 6 days and rest on the 7th Sabbath day. Creating this balance of productivity and rest will sustain your overall wellness  and overtime you mind and body will thank you for it. 

For those that are fans of Biohacks and would love to jump start on a cognitive enhancing and wellness program and are looking for a complimentary tracking product, we have got one for you.


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Now is a good time to kickstart your Wellness Program

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