Hire a Professional Make Up Artist or go DIY

Hire a Professional Make Up Artist or go DIY

For years, the fun of being a Bride to be was to test drive all the exciting girl things you would do with your sister, mother and friends, such as dress shopping, Venue searching,  food tasting and hair and make up run through.  It was a time  of reconnecting and bonding.  Now our time is so limited that we can pretty much do most of our search online ourselves without having to physically check out a potential vendor in person first.  This goes for finding someone to do your Wedding Day Make up.  The first attempt we do is search online for Salons and Make up Artist and surely you will find some great results along with images .  Here are some tips on how to decide if you should do it yourself or hire a professional.
Wedding Day Make Up

Wedding Day Make Up


Hire a Professional If:

You want to be pampered and look “Special” than usual

You want someone by your side on the Wedding Day to touch up your makeup

You want your make up to show and look flawless when photographed

You have no idea what a primer, contouring, or highlighting means

You think looking your best is not part of the wedding budget


 Best way to Hire a Professional and feel good about your choice

  • Makes sure to check their client profile
  • Address what your make up style is– Natural Beauty, Diva, Beauty Queen, or Trendsetter
  • Can they come to your location or is it only service at their salon or business
  • Do they offer a trial make up run
  • Decide if you want them to just do your initial make or to do touch ups through out the day
  • Find your make up artist from local salons or your department store beauty counter consulatant


Natural Beauty

Natural Beauty

Do It Yourself If:

You are a maven at contouring and highlighting your best features

You are not afraid to experiment with colors and different products

You feel a since of pride when you do it yourself

You are on a tight budget

Your “go to make up” store is “Sephora”

Best way to Do It Yourself Make Up

  • Do online search for make up style and pin your favorites in your Pinterest accountGo online to Youtube  and get the latest up to date trends and techniques for applying your make up popular YouTube make up maven:  Michele Phan (you will find her techniques and tips from skin care to everything make up)

Hollywood Glamour and Sultry Vixen Wedding Looks

Natural Beauty Wedding Look

  • Test out the make up application several times before your wedding day –  indoors, outdoors, with your hair up, down, and do some selfies to see how it looks photographed
  • Have your friends come over and review your make up
  •  Pick  make up products that is long wearing and waterproof, has HD quality that looks natural in any light setting and enhances your complexion when photographed.

Remember to always Be You on your wedding day and do what makes you feel confident and beautiful.  The Bride will always steal the show so have fun, less stress, less mess!

Leave us a comment on what choice you went with for your Wedding Day Make Up.