How to Connect Deeper

How to Connect Deeper

Connecting on a personal level has become so much easier these days as we may think since we have access to our friends, families and co-workers via Facebook, Instagram, email or text.  Surprisingly enough our connection level to people has not increased and we seem to drift apart more on a personal level. We become spectators to other people’s lives, cheering them on, supporting them but not necessarily really are part of their life.  Just like fans of a sports team, we watch every move they make, see their struggles, wins, and will either adore them or speak negatively about them. No matter what the outcome is of the game, we still continue to do the same thing, game after game.

Being connected in a relationship is not just about having access to someone’s personal life but playing a role in that person’s life you are watching.  To build a deep connection with friends and families you must start by doing the little things with great love. By little things, it means to do things that the person would least expect of you.  It is typical or even expected for a husband to buy chocolates and flowers on Valentine’s Day to give to his wife. Instead of doing the expected, fix up the garden for her in the summer if she loves gardening or have the house deep cleaned by a professional so she can relax for the summer when the kids are out of school or even simply making coffee for her every morning when she wakes up.   

By creatively finding small things to do for one another that may not be on a holiday, you are celebrating the person and not the holiday.  In our culture we so often get caught up in celebrating the holidays but not the actual person or event we are commemorating, rather the intended purpose is watered down and lost.  By doing small things for friends, families and strangers we build a habit of spreading kindness and love that will eventually turn into something great for that person you are doing it for.  

Learn to do small things with great love so that your actions will become extraordinary without you even trying.  Building connections this way with one another will surpass all social media platforms in forming relationships. This “Act of Service” love language is the start to a building a deeper connection to those around you.

Remembering the great words Mother Teresa once said.

“Intense Love does not measure.  It just Gives.”

“Acts of Service” at home